What are the different styles of text ?

What are the different styles of text ?

We often intuitively, without thinking, use different text styles.Getting a job, write a statement in the official-business style;to communicate on the Internet, of course, we use a colloquial;and doing coursework and diploma work, can not do without scientific style.In this article we'll take a closer look, what are the text styles and when each of them is used.


text are only five:

  • Spoken;
  • Art;
  • publicist;
  • Science;
  • official business.

Each of them should be applied as appropriate.

Description text styles

  • Spoken style, as already mentioned, is used for informal communication.Here you use the vernacular expressions from your vocabulary, trying to convey emotions.Correspondence with friends and family, chat forums - this is all the text conversational style, his examples you meet every day, even in the short SMS messages.
  • artistic style - a style of speech that is used in the literature.As a rule, in the next years hardly anyone returned to this style - it is appropriate only in art books, poems, short stories for painting convey emotions in a more vivid color.The art style may contain signs of all other text styles.
  • journalistic style also lends emotional text, but is used for human exposure, to cause his reaction - positive or negative.It features consistent and logical statement of the facts and their assessment.Journalistic style of speech used by the media.
  • Scientific style used in textbooks, scientific papers, and so on.It differs from the other special professional terms.style feature in accuracy of descriptions, definitions.
  • used in everyday life more often than journalistic, artistic and scientific, business style of the text.Examples, where he meets the official business style: all kinds of instructions, announcements, orders and other documents.With it, we can simply and without emotion to convey official information.

However, you can not always unambiguously determine which style applies to a particular text.For example, journalistic style is closely intertwined with the spoken.This helps the author to find a contact with the reader, refer to the reader as a friend.A scientific style can be combined with official business.

How to decide on the style of the text?

If you need to write the text, but you can not decide which style will be appropriate, act in accordance with the recommendations below:

  • Answer the question: the purpose of writing the text;
  • Consider how much would be appropriate or that manner description and select the most appropriate;
  • Write in the most appropriate style of the genre you selected.

So, we looked at all 5 text styles, and got acquainted with the peculiarities of each of them.To choose the right style to present their ideas, pay attention to the purpose of the future of the text and speech situation in which it will be used.Thus, the scientific style appropriate to the academic and scientific community;official business - at work and in the documentation;Elementary - communicating with family and friends;publicist - in the media, in the oratorical speeches;Art - in fiction.