What is the power of words ?

What is the power of words ?

How many letters are in the alphabet?In Russian, for example, only 33. What do you think, how many words you can make with the help of the several dozen letters?Thousands, tens of thousands of ... We use a variety of words every day.Many have become so familiar to us that we just do not notice the meaning of these very words.We just sneaked through their stream, catching some of them.However, what the power of the word?From the first cry of the baby and the elder to the last word all our words express thoughts and feelings, desires and aspirations, emotions and dreams.Let's try to write an original essay about the power of words.What is it?

magic power of the word - a philosophical

Many philosophers - and the ancient and modern, ornate weave words, giving them a certain meaning or, on the contrary, deliberately confusing us in his thoughts!The most famous philosophers of us belong to religious groups.One only words they forced entire populations to change their beliefs and life principles.Judaism, Buddhism, the philosophers of ancient Greece, philosophers Christianity, Schopenhauer, Kant, Marx, Nietzsche, Solovyov, Tsiolkovsky - they are all built on the basis of their understanding of the world theories, which even changed the course of history in many ways.Their words had such a strong impact on the people that they could break all previous human attitude.

mysterious power of words - psychological

How often do you think about what you say?What word is pronounced?Certainly, many people simply do not often think about the fact that every word, like a shell, can injure a person and sometimes that terrible murder.Every day we deal with people and pronounce hundreds of words, but only a fraction of them are actually carries real force.These are the words on which we have long thought, pondering them more than once, a hatched.And when the words fall from the language, it can really affect a person.For example, you often think that one of your colleagues less rastoropen, smart, successful.And finally, utter rashly something very unpleasant.And as time passes, everything is forgotten, but you do not know what could make this one thing with that person.How it affected his daily, weekly, and life in general.

Words have power

Force, and very large, are words spoken from the heart, emotionally.The more emotions and experiences do you mean by the word, the more they are at him.Let's imagine that a small child is constantly doing something wrong as parents want, he is wrong, but it is his mom and dad only irritation and discontent.Eventually they begin to repeat to him that he was "sad sack", that he "clubhand" and he will never become an expert.The kid starts to get used to these words, and ultimately it may be that he really would be out of work in adult life.This is not because he has no talents or abilities, but because it is deeply entrenched ones parent words.In contrast, girls who from childhood were taught that it is the most intelligent and beautiful, will strive for these ideals, and may reach much.Therein lies the strength of the word.

strength of the Russian word

In recent decades, we are increasingly classical, correct Russian language seems stiff and out of place.We can not live a day without foreign words that poured into our language so quickly and so quietly.Of course, the modern era involves the presence of some of the terms that are not in our language.Without them, no longer get along, but that's not hard to read at least the story of an old Russian classics, to feel the spirit of the era and to understand not only the content but also the beauty of the word!We are genetically related to our language, so its beauty is undeniable for us.Yes, it will be very useful for your self!Now, not all of us can admit to perfect knowledge of the native language.