What is the alphabet ?

What is the alphabet ?

In the middle of the third millennium BC was invented alphabet.Today, the Russian alphabet consists of thirty-three letters.But first, when there was a Cyrillic characters in it it was much more.The basis was taken the Greek alphabet, was added thereto letters passed specific sounds used in the Slavic language.Why do I need


Long before the child goes to school, modern parents begin to teach him letters.This happens during the game, to the child's interest.Letters can be written on cubes in bright colors, there may be other toys.For older children there is magnetic alphabet.This happens first acquaintance with the alphabet.

When a child goes to school, where he continues to study the alphabet.The orderly arrangement of letters in it gives us the opportunity to learn all the letters.Each letter has its own sound.From these letters are added the words that we use in our lives.From the very first lesson at school the teacher explains why there is an alphabet.And as a result, children begin to understand that it is required to study.Alphabet in a convenient form is all the letters of the language of the letters are constructed word, and the words - phrases and sentences.

With writing and speaking people became educated.He can teach other people to transfer their knowledge to other generations and over long distances.This means that the alphabet is an essential factor of civilization and culture.In modern society, the alphabet helps human communication.

Where Used alphabet

And what you need to know the alphabet?Today, having come to the library, we can see that the directory literature is ordered alphabetically.And it is very convenient for visitors and library staff themselves.After all, at the right time it is very easy to find the book you want.Alphabetical medical cards are on the shelves of clinics.Cards are placed in accordance with the first letter of the patient's family.Every day, opening their diaries and telephone books, we can see that on the edge of the pages properly formed letters of the alphabet.It is more convenient to record and retrieve desired information.Also in our mobile phones phonebook list drawn up in alphabetical order.All sorts of reference books and dictionaries are designed in a similar way.And remember again the first class, the teacher is also a list of students was in alphabetical order.

can cause a lot of examples where we use the alphabet.In each country, their alphabet, but the principle is the same use of them.It is difficult to imagine a situation, if we had not had a letter or did not know how to use it.