Why a Russian?

Why a Russian?

On the question of why we need the Russian language, can not be answered in a few words, because here is affected not only the language, but also the cultural aspect.Of course, we are referring to a literary language, that is, one that just has to know every self-respecting citizen of Russia.In order to answer the question of why you need to know the Russian language, the most complete, to begin with, what is the language in a general sense and Russian in particular.

main functions of the Russian language

As is known, the main function of any language is to communicate, that is, through language means people can communicate and understand each other.And what is more normalized language, the better understanding occurs.Under normal language refers to a specific set of rules of pronunciation, word usage, grammar, etc.The rate is influenced by several factors.With regard to our mother tongue, the Russian language is a language with a well-defined literary norm.This means that in the Russian language, there is a certain vocabulary and grammar "backbone", by which is possible to full communion.In fact, we do not always realize how powerful a tool to express any thoughts we possess.

Learning any language, and especially such a rich, like Russian, can significantly improve such qualities as the ability to think and express their thoughts correctly.That's why you need to learn the Russian language.Finally, another feature of the Russian language - backplane.Our language belongs to the few, often referred to as the language of international communication.This means that in many countries of Russian language is used on an equal basis with others.Such a situation now exists in virtually all countries of the CIS, Russian actively exploring in China, in some European countries.Thus, to fully communicate with foreigners, we must be familiar with and their own language.And here it is necessary to touch the issue of language learning.

Do you want to learn a foreign language - Learn your own!These are not empty words, but a real truth, even for someone and bitter.To learn a foreign language without a good knowledge of the mother is not just difficult - impossible.You may ask: what's the matter?There are other words, a different grammar, and so on. D. Of course, but any study based on the comparison.If you do not know really what it is, for example, the subject and predicate, complement and determination, then you would be sheer agony to build English, French, German, so any foreign phrases.The same applies to knowledge of parts of speech, even if the main - nouns, adjectives, verbs, pronouns.And for example, if you do not know what is meant by the concept of the Russian language perfect and imperfect view, you will never understand the difference between the French and sometimes Imparfait Passe Compose or English at times Past Perfect and Past Continuous.It turns out that for whatever language we take, but without native - anywhere.Therefore, if you are going to write about why you need Russian language, work must necessarily reflect this, not to mention the fact that the culture begins, first of all, with the patient and thoughtful study of the native language.