How to finish the work ?

How to finish the work ?

Such situations occur almost every schoolboy: work done, all the theses formulated and thoughts for the last concluding phrases missing.How to finish the work?What words best pick for the finale?

Completion of works on

literature for successful completion of the works follow a few simple rules:

  1. Once again, re-read the essay.In each of the paragraphs highlight the main points.Write them down on a piece of paper and try to generalize.
  2. literary form and persuasiveness these thoughts can be given using the following phrases: "In conclusion," "thus", "therefore", and so on.
  3. Think about what you would do in place of the hero, and write it in the conclusion.This method works with almost all topics of essays.

logical final argument in the book-

Now let's look at a particular case, a complete essay-argument for literature.

Here are the basics that you need to remember:

  • good meaningful conclusion should contain no more than six sentences;
  • ask yourself - do you agree with the author?The answer to this question can be taken in the conclusion: "In this novel / story I found confirmation of his thoughts ...";
  • if you do not agree with the author, it is better to refrain from harsh criticism.The writing is better to finish way: "In my opinion, in some moments the author exaggerates ..." or "I agree with the writer, but his individual statements seem controversial";
  • let the last sentence will be upbeat.It will be quite appropriate to write: "This work has affected me because ...", "after reading I still have good thoughts ...";
  • most important rule - do not need to repeat the conclusion already expressed previously thought.Finish generalization.

How to finish the exam essay

When you finish writing the exam, it is necessary at the end to summarize briefly what has been said and to link this way all the work to read the text.You can complete the final here phrases like (examples):

  • This text allowed me to confirm my opinion that combined with love friendship contributes to a person's identity.In addition, the author managed to instill optimism in me: now I am even more believe in the goodness of life is greater than the negative;
  • After reading the article, I fully realized how fragile and short-lived peace museum "exhibits".Let us together to keep the age-old values ​​for future generations.

We hope that you understand how it is possible to finish the work, and you no longer have a question on this subject.