How nice to write letters ?

How nice to write letters ?

children develop beautiful handwriting easier - they have not yet formed the habit of a particular style of writing, which means that you can initially instill in them the rules and skills that are required in calligraphy.And how to be an adult, who has decided to change his handwriting or develop other specific writing letters?It turns out that everything is possible, even though you want to make nedyuzhy efforts.So, learning how to write beautiful letters?

To begin with a few general rules for beginners in learning calligraphy.

  • Create your workplace.Will needs a clean desk, which should be based on a couple of sheets of paper with stripes, calligraphy (prescription) and several ballpoint pens.
  • Sit down at the table and take the correct position: back straight, do not lean back in his chair, elbows on the table.
  • Lay out a sheet of blank paper, the distance from the eyes to the sheet should be at least 30 cm
  • three fingers, grab a pen -. A large, middle and index.Distance from fingers to paper - at least 1 cm
  • Write the letter A upper and lower..Try to do it gently, imitating the example of the spelling.This should be repeated as long as long as you do not reach your goal.
  • Periodically replace pens.Our goal - to determine how best to handle turns writing to continue to buy only a convenient pen form.
  • When the letter A succumb to your efforts, go to the letter B, and so slowly walk around the alphabet.

on the implementation of this algorithm will require a maximum of patience and time.But when the result is achieved, you will understand how your handwriting changed in a positive way.

By the way, in the same way you can answer the question of how to write beautifully caps.The algorithm is the same: the sight - recipe, in his hands - a handy pen and - practice, practice and more practice.

How nice to write letters dictation

This skill is also possible to accumulate practice.However, should start already after successfully mastered the calligraphic writing of individual letters (see. Above).

  • So, fulfill requirements of the first four items listed in the above algorithm.Namely, preparing the workplace, we sit down at the table, having good posture, put in front of a blank piece of paper and take the handle.
  • then ask a relative or friend you dictate any text at a normal pace.You must have time to write his dictation, and make it as beautiful as possible.
  • If at first manage to be bad, then after a few sessions you will notice a significant improvement in handwriting.The main effort.Ideally, you should write text quickly and beautifully.

How to write beautifully

print To start, determine what the width and height of the letters will be printed.Define as a step between them and the strings.Proceed according to the following plan:

  • Take an awl and line roller, apply a transparent film horizontal parallel lines.Make sure that the spacing between them is equal to the distance between the first line, then the height of the letters.And so one by one.
  • also transparencies apply vertical parallel lines, between which step will be equal to the distance between the characters, their width.
  • As a result, the film sheet is covered with rectangles in which and will house our letters.Cut out all the shapes modeling knife.
  • get a universal template that stores information about the mark of the signs and their location.Imposing such a stencil on paper, in any box you can enter the letter of the Latin or Russian alphabet, punctuation, numbers, symbols, or any other sign.
  • to write a printed text in an arc fabricate other device.It is a strip of transparent film.At one end make a hole.In width and height, it would be equal to the width and height of a character.Along the length of the strip is not much larger than the radius of the arc text.On the opposite end of the strip will fix in the center of the arc with an awl on a sheet of paper.When applying the strip is turned on an angle plate, in which the right edge of the sign coincides with the left edge of the stripes.Then put the next character.In the distance the same characters, and the characters themselves are arranged on a flat arc.