How to write beautiful your name ?

How to write beautiful your name ?

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How to write beautiful your name?

Many people try to emphasize their individuality, even in small details.For example, some are trying to write his name as something original.If you also want to somehow identify your name, to represent him in a special way, we'll tell you how to write a beautiful name.

beautiful name in the electronic version

Very popular right now to write names with unusual fonts and characters, and then use them for social networking.As can be nice to write your name in the electronic version?Consider ways.

  • The easiest way - is to open a text program, found under "Font", click on it and choose among the fonts offered the one you like, and then burn them their name.
  • If you have a Windows system, you can easily use a set of characters.Path to the symbol table is as follows: Start - Programs - Accessories - System Tools -Table characters.You can use some of them to replace the letters in a name or name for beautiful design at the beginning and at the end.
  • Beautiful symbols for registration name can be obtained another way.To do this, press the NumLock key so you activate the digit panel on the right side of the keyboard.Now you need to simultaneously press the Alt key and one of the numbers on the right side of the keyboard.You will have a beautiful symbol.So you can check the possible characters in turn by pressing the Alt key and the number keys in order, and then choose from the most beautiful characters received for registration in his own name.Originally
  • and quickly write your name for social networking, such as "Odnoklassniki", you can, if you type in the search "symbols for classmates."Then click on any of the first link, and you will get a big list of beautiful characters.All that is needed - is to copy your favorite and use them to write their own name.
  • There are also services that can help you write your name beautifully, using several elements: font, color, thickness of letters, size, presence / absence of shade and so on.You can use any of these services, such as this.

Beautifully write a name on paper

Sometimes you need to beautifully portray his name on paper, but what if you do not have beautiful handwriting?

So, you can try slowly, trying to make smooth and rounded letters, to write his name.To decorate the lines on the first and last letters (for example, in the name of "Anastasia" is the letter "a" and "I") can be even more round, to draw in the form of flagella, or loops.

If you want to write your name in an unusual font, then you can find on the internet and if you want to download a list of fonts with examples, find a favorite and, having studied how it is written the necessary letters srisovat them on paper, making of them his name.Examples of some of the fonts can be found here.Here you will find examples of calligraphic fonts that you can also use when writing his name.And if you just need to write the name of the usual beautiful Russian letters, the writing sample of the alphabet can be found here.

His name can also be written in the form of graffiti.Consider one of the easiest of graffiti, which can be represented by the name.

  1. first light on a sheet of paper straight lines (paint is a simple pencil), record your name.
  2. Then you need to do three-dimensional letters.Instead of sketching lines small rectangles should be used, so the top of the outline drawing lines in the form of rectangles.
  3. name turned more voluminous.Lines, which it says is necessary to make clearer, and then add the small notches on the ends of the letters.
  4. Now contours behalf fully prepared.We need to circle their clear and delete the auxiliary lines.After that marker (can be black, can be colored) should be the name of the circle.
  5. At the end of the marker is required to make a loop around the name.

To make it clearer how to write a name in the form of graffiti, look at these pictures.Also on this site you can find more graffiti, use them as examples to write my name nicely.

Unusual ways to write the name of the beautiful

  • You can write your name in Elvish.Here you will find the Elven alphabet, as well as examples of names in Elvish.Write your name in Roman letters (English letters), and then proceed as shown in the examples.If laziness to understand the wisdom of writing the name in Elvish and want to quickly get the result, then follow this link.In the box you want to delete the word "elf", write your name in Russian and click "Translate" button.Slightly higher you get the spelling of his name in Elvish.
  • Beautiful and unusual spelling of his name can be obtained very simply by using Google Translate.Write your name in the left window to the Russian, and as the language in which the name will be translated, select some unusual, such as Punjabi or Persian.You get a nice writing his name.
  • You can write your name in runes.On the Internet easy to find translators, which will need to write your name in a certain way, then click on the appropriate button and get the spelling of his name on the runes.To use this translator, you need to type in a search phrase "write a name on the runes", and first link you get these translators.If you want your own to write your name in runes, then pay attention to the classic Gothenburg Futhark and runes.Here you will find them full alphabet.Also, you might want to match runes Russian letters.It can be found here.It is also useful to you this link.Here you will find yourself runes, how they sound (transcription in [...]), their writing (what you need) and compliance with Russian letters.Remember that when writing the name on the runes are not considered soft and hard signs, double consonants count as one (for example, do not use "Allah" and "Ala").When writing the name you will use no icons, and full names of the letters, then write their names with a hyphen.For example, consider the name "Allah".As we have said, the double consonants are counted as one, so we will write "Ala".We refer to the corresponding alphabet, and get the following: Ala = Ansuz-Laguz-Ansuz.

We told you a few ways on how you can write a beautiful and unusual your name.Choose any suitable and experiment!