How to learn the Russian language ?

How to learn the Russian language ?

Many foreigners want to speak Russian, to do business in this country, read the Russian classics in the author's language.But most do not know how to learn the Russian language.We can help these people.

Where to start learning Russian

There are many ways to learn a language.You can study with a tutor, you can sign up for a language course.Some people prefer distance learning Russian on the Internet or through Skype, and some of them went to Russia and on the ground, talking to native Russian, mastering the language.It is worth noting that the Russian - one of the most difficult languages ​​in the world.It is such a diverse, emotional, sincere, colorful and completely incomprehensible to man unaccustomed to it.

So, in order to learn how to learn the Russian language, it is necessary to turn to the library or go to the bookstore.There, you will need to purchase a guide to Russian grammar and dictionary of the Russian language authors Dahl or Ozhegova.And then in order.

How to learn to write in Russian

  1. most difficult to find Russian language spelling.With its study should start.This information can be found in the handbook on grammar.
  2. How to learn to write in Russian?The next item on the development of the Russian language - it is the study of punctuation.It is very important for the development of written language.Offers in the Russian language is often very complex, with different punctuation marks.
  3. important fact remains vocabulary.Read Russian literature, communicate with native speakers of Russian.

How to learn to speak in Russian

If you have already tried all of the above methods and well-read in Russian, and the spoken language is not all, it is better of course, to move to Russia for permanent residence.However, not everyone has the opportunity, so we try to find the answer to the question of how to learn to speak in Russian now.

  1. Try to find a tutor for whom Russian - native language.
  2. Be active in the classroom.Make a list of your questions.Talk not only on classes and try to make a joke in Russian.Read additional materials.
  3. Decide in what way you master the material easier: to memorize short phrases, memorize dialogues, read and recite the text, write and memorize proverbs, phrases and sayings.It does not have to be one way, you can select multiple or all and rotate them as needed.
  4. focuses on what it is you want to say, and not on how to do it right.Do not wait until someone starts talking, start it first.
  5. can take a blank sheet of paper and write on it that it bothers you in conversation.Think and write, which topics cause trouble, you often forget what the question from the interlocutor fear most.This will be your initial tasks for the study of conversational speech.Tutorials when it is not necessary to cancel, simply you will have extra motivation.
  6. often in the study of the Russian language there are problems with the accent in words.Special rules here, but there are two axioms: in one word, only one stress and the letter "e" is always at the accent.In other cases, only need to memorize words or refine their pronunciation in pronouncing dictionary.