How to determine the style of the text ?

How to determine the style of the text ?

different speech situations require different styles.They can be divided into two groups: the book and conversational.Book styles are divided into scientific, official business, journalistic and artistic.How to determine the style of the text?Each functional style of speech has certain qualities.

Spoken style

Without this style can not do in everyday life.This style is characterized by colorful, large semantic content, expressiveness.For conversational style of speech includes such genres as private letters, talk, talk.Language means style: expressive vocabulary emotionality, ease, use short, often incomplete sentences and phrases, words-appeals, interjections, introductory words.

official-business style

protocol definition text style, reference, order or a special law does not cause difficulties - it's official-business style.Its scope - the right of authors - lawyers, diplomats, lawyers, and ordinary citizens that make up the official document.The main features of the style include speech cliches, the absence of emotion, standardize, the accuracy, the use of abbreviations.

Scientific style

How to prove - the text style is scientific?It's very simple - this text is replete with information, facts and evidence of their reliability.Genres scientific style: the dissertation, report, educational literature.Language means - it is the presence of an abstract vocabulary, professional, general scientific words.Main features: objectivity, generality, logic, the predominance of nouns.A fragment of the text made a characteristic scientific style: "Based on the experimental results, we can conclude that the object has a uniform soft texture ...".

artistic style

Which style applies the text used in the literature?For art!The purpose of this style - the impact on the reader, the transfer of thoughts, experiences and feelings of the author.Stylistic features - this imagery, emotional speech, the use of all its resources, the vocabulary of the different styles.Here is a short example of artistic style, you can compare it with the scientific "A. night tossing and turning, waking up every now and then from the glitter of lightning and peals of thunder.I wanted to bury myself under the covers. "

journalistic style

This style is important for the media.Him we meet in essays, interviews, reports (various media).Transmitted through the journalistic style of the information intended for the general public.The main features of journalistic style include evaluative, consistency, invocatory.