How to write a summary ?

How to write a summary ?

All of us at some time in the school wrote one of the varieties of creative work - presentation.This word is called the work a way of retelling the text.This work is conceived in order to be able to identify the quality of the examination of a child with artistic text, and in addition, the way to learn about anything except the plot, can be written in the text.So how to write the presentation?

Basics writing presentation

The main objective of the presentation can be called the most detailed reproduction of the whole text, maintaining the original style of the author.With regard to the presentation of the compressed, it requires the ability in the selection of basic information, rather short transmission main content, taking into account the condition that the main ideas of the writer, the characters of the main characters, sequence of accidents must be transmitted without any changes.In addition, it is necessary to be able to properly allocate mikrotemy and synthesize the information.A brief summary of how to write?It is completely optional to preserve the author's style, but it is allowed to use the key words and phrases.Summary of the need to write a small volume, but not poor in content.

basis for writing and presentation can be a poem, and prose.In addition, and music can be used for writing a creative work.To write it, you need to listen to music, and read the libretto to explore the history of writing works.

Tips for writing presentation

If you have a nose for the certification of the Russian language and have to write summary, here are some tips for the DPA presentation, how to write it.

First of all, you need to examine the quality work of literature itself.This means that it is necessary not only to read and analyze text.For myself, I need to answer such questions as: "What is the author trying to convey to the reader (listener)?";"What kind of mood the writer was trying to convey?";"What methods did he use?";"What is the first impression of his work?".Based on logical and emotional conclusions, you can build your job.

It is clear that the correct spelling of the work necessary to analyze the text read and to do this on the basis of the findings.Such work should reveal your participation in the preparations for the presentation of writing.Thus, the correct spelling of presentation will be the one in which you tell the main story, sometimes inserting basic thoughts and feelings.

concrete plans to write a statement more often than not make, because it coincides with the composition of the source text.In this form of creative work is necessary to retell the story to explain its value and to identify what the author wanted to say to the reader.That's all the rules, how to write a summary.