As called Russian ?

As called Russian ?

Russian people are known worldwide for its national characteristics.And not always to their cheerful and noisy temper, love of alcohol, basshabashnostyu and lack of culture.Rather, it is the characteristics of our tourists, which do not behave better in Russia.But the main quality of Russian, which are appreciated abroad, and the other nations living in our country, very different.It is the mind, seriousness, talent, perseverance, loyalty, simplicity, seriousness, sincerity.It is very interesting to look at as it is called Russian in different countries, these names can even trace the history of the relations of different countries.

peoples of the former USSR

Ukrainians call us Muscovites, Muscovites, Katsap.These are the names appear in the historical stories and anecdotes.We are also called Rusakov and Rusichi those people who have not been allocated to individual republics and live still in Russia -. Mordvinians, Chuvash, etc. But we are called orys Kazakhs, there is a name from the word Russia.The Caucasian territories in Russian is not very affectionate names.The epithet "Vanka" we have received for short-sightedness, and the name of the "loaf" came from the word "plump", his Russian was given for the love of alcohol, much higher than that of Caucasians themselves.

peoples of other countries

Finns have come up with two names for us.One contemptuous - "ryussya", the second common neutral name for the Russian people - "venyalyaynen".In the United States and Germany have since the Great Patriotic War was called Ivan.Nothing offensive in this name is not as well as we all Germans call Fritz and Hans.In the United States except for the word, to indicate the Russian nation still use the word "kommiz", which means "communism".In Japan, there is only one name that referred to all foreigners, including Russian - gaijin.In Afghanistan, gave the name Russian in times of warfare - shuravi.

If you are going to travel, it is desirable to get acquainted with the way the Russian called to understand themselves and to understand your origin.And one more thing - the most frequent trips Russian commit in Europe, so there we are for all the English-speaking (and this language is known almost all) men call us or Raska Rooskey.A bright our girls name is Natasha, all, without exception.