How to call the inhabitants of the cities ?

How to call the inhabitants of the cities ?

man already used to call other people living in a particular place, in a word.Typically, the basis of the word include the place of residence.It should be said that with the change of times and generations familiar names of inhabitants of settlements vary.So were the old name, then changed the ending, and has a new name.And different people call the inhabitants of a city in different ways.But as the inhabitants of the cities called right?Let's investigate.

What is taken as the basis

As already noted, is the basis of the city name and the ending is added.For example, the city of Moscow, and the inhabitants are called Muscovites.All the names of the inhabitants of a certain city or area can be summarized as the concept demonym.This term is the common name for the inhabitants of the settlements names.The Russian language has no clear rules for the formation of urban residents names, ie such rules, which would indicate so, and not another, but there are certain regularities in the formation demonym.

frequently used names

Responding to a question about how to properly call the inhabitants of the cities, we can say that there is no single correct answer.There are only the most common cases.Consider them.

usually end -tsy added to the name of the city that have the ending -eno, -ino, -evo and -ovo.For example, the city of Ivanovo and Ivanovo residents called.End -ane, -chane, -yane in the names of people living in cities is added to the names of towns ending in -rm, -tsk, -vsk.For example, the city of Irkutsk, and the inhabitants will be called the Irkutsk citizens.If the city is very old, it is usually in the name of the inhabitants added to the end of the chi.For example, the Muscovites.If the names of cities is an element of "ust", then to any demonym suffixed -ts-.That is, the inhabitants of the city of Ust-Abakan ustabakantsy will call, and so on.

often happens is this, when the name of the inhabitants of the cities paraphrase, using only the root of the name of the city.For example, there is the town red.And people living in this city called krasnintsy.If you talk about some resident of the city, that is about a woman, it is usually used a resident of the city, such as Novgorod.In addition, etonohoronimy may occur from the area of ​​the former or the old name.An example is the residents of Arkhangelsk - Archangelsk.