What neologisms ?

What neologisms ?

Russian language - a living language, and therefore all developing.Some words come out of active use, and an increasing number of new words, which worked so hard to get used to our grandparents.On this basis, we can answer the logical question of what neologisms.

neologisms - is the new words or phrases that appear in the language, along with the emergence of new objects, phenomena, concepts, processes in public life.

When you know what neologisms examples to choose quite easy:..
gene, clone, management, manager, logistics, virtual, interactive, image-maker, bowling, etc.

As there are neologisms

During his appearance every wordIt is a neologism, because it means a new, just the notion.Over time, it becomes a commonly used and included in the active vocabulary of language.In other words, the status of neologisms words remain as long until they become commonly used, inherent in the vocabulary of an increasing number of native speakers.

Now it's hard to believe, but words such as underground, spaceport, satellite, lunar rover, genotype, refrigerator, restructuring, privatization, and at one time were neologisms in Russian.

Near the lexical neologisms (new words) and there are many semantic neologisms (words that already exist in the language, but the new values ​​of gain).For example, such modern neologisms: Maker - not a device for heating water, but a man who knows nothing about anything;pirate - not only pirates, but also a person who uses a product of science, culture and technology are protected by copyright without the permission of the authors, that is against the law.

Another cause of neologisms - the desire to give a more vivid name of an existing object or phenomenon.The name that corresponds to the worldview of the author.

types of neologisms

Thus, modern neologisms in Russian language are divided into common language and the individual (author), which can be found in the works of writers or scientists.

example, Vladimir Mayakovsky used words such as lyubёnochek, ispeshehodit, sinevet.These words are rarely included in active use, but there are exceptions.Not everyone knows that all the familiar words of the industry, falling in love, distraction, touching - is the author's neologisms NM Karamzin.

Who knows, maybe it is thanks to you our language more replenished neologisms?