What is the letter ?

What is the letter ?

We read the text of every day: from the pages of books and magazines, on television and on the Internet.The very same text consists of letters.So what does the letter?The letter - a true helper of every person, because it is through the letters we can tell each other the news, to share the joy and any other important things.

letter literally means a symbol that is separate.In most cases the letter - it is a symbol of the alphabet.Normally the letter has its own voice color, that is, one letter - a sound or multiple sounds.With the man of letters of words and sentences.Thinkers in ancient times said that the letter - is the most important unit of meaning.

uppercase letter

What is a capital letter?Uppercase letters can be called a sample that is printed and used for manual writing.Use in the recipe.Recipe - Everyone knows a notebook from school.It is used by students in the primary grades.Also called cursive capital letter in a sentence.The letter of smaller size is called horizontal.The letters, which are written by hand and are printed pattern, too, need to call in capital letters.A font on your computer that resemble handwriting, is called calligraphic fonts.

Lowercase letter

What is lowercase?This letter is a letter of smaller compared with the capital.These letters are found in many European, and not just languages.Example: "c" - a lowercase letter, and "B" - this is the title ascribed or letter of the alphabet.

Once upon a time in the alphabets used only uppercase letters had specific values ​​and lower boundaries of writing.This letter is used only by certain people, since the bulk of the population was illiterate.But the letter is developing rapidly, and the letters became more rounded, change their size.

Latin letter

What is the Latin letter?It should be noted that once the Latin language was very common.This is one of the most ancient languages.At the moment he is dead, but it is widely used in various sciences and is even the official language of the Order of Malta and the Vatican City State, the Holy See of the Roman Catholic Church (in part).

now the basis of the English alphabet - a Latin language.If you need to write anything in Latin letters, feel free to use the English alphabet familiar to you.