How to overclock laptop processor?

How to overclock laptop processor?

Many laptop owners thought about how to make it work faster.One of the most effective solution to this problem is considered to be overclocking.This procedure provides for an increase in the frequency of the chip.The higher the value, the processor operates faster.

overclock the processor on a laptop in the following ways:

  • the BIOS.With it will be able to overclock the processor is not always.To learn how you can do this, read the article How to overclock the processor by the BIOS.
  • using specialized programs.This is the optimal solution for all owners of notebooks and netbooks.For example, the program is quite effective SetFSB.

Overclocking with utility SetFSB

  1. Download the program from the site softportal and install on your computer.
  2. Run the program.
  3. Choosing an appropriate model PLL chip (in order to clarify what you used PLL chip, read the instructions for your netbook / laptop models).
  4. Press «Get FSB».If you do it right, you will see information about the standard frequency of the processor in the main application window.Acceleration is recommended by increasing the value of the system bus.To change it, you move the slider, located in the center of the window, to the right side.To extend the range of control, you can put a tick next to «Ultra».system bus frequency is recommended to increase by no more than ten or fifteen megahertz.
  5. Confirm changes and click Set FSB button.If you are too hard to change the frequency or incorrectly select PLL, then nothing will happen.Your computer shuts down or freezes.In the future it will be possible to incorporate.


device is now necessary to verify whether the device is to function normally on the changed frequency of the processor will be able to.To do this, use the utility Prime95.

  1. download the program from chip
  2. Run it and click «Just Testing».In the future, you will be prompted to select one of the download mode.The main feature of the program is considered to be Prime95 is that it generates a rather serious burden on the processor.Thus, if the processor to cope with it (not a netbook or laptop freezes and will not turn off for ten to fifteen minutes), then this means that you can even further accelerate the laptop's processor by SetFSB applications.To stop the test, select the appropriate option from the menu.

For more information about how to speed up the processor, you will find in the article How to overclock the processor.