How to overclock the processor ?

How to overclock the processor ?

computer can be useful for many things.Often, many people are not satisfied with its performance.With what little performance of my computer system?Often they ask.The response contains more than one answer.Let's talk about one of the most important ways to speed up your computer.Let's talk about overclocking.So:

How to overclock the processor AMD?

Before you take your CPU overclocking attempt by AMD's company, remember that you exceed the manufacturer's specification.Accordingly, it is possible to "kill" the computer during the crackdown.If you think that everything is in order, then it is possible to implement the following instructions to transgress.

overclocking utility, you will need "AMD OverDriver".This utility is designed for motherboards based on chipset AMD 700.

  • Start the AMD OverDrive utility.You will see a window in which it is said that a computer failure resulting from the use of this program does not give you the right to hand over the computer in warranty repair or exchange.To continue to press Ok.
  • After this tab will appear in front of you, which contains general information about the system.It is called the Basic System Infomation.
  • Go to the tab Diagram and find information about the chipset.
  • We must go to the tab Preference and Settings to change the mode of operation of the utility in the Advanced Mode.It is necessary to disperse an AMD processor.
  • In order to overclock the processor, it is necessary for it to be of the Black Edition line.If not, then overclock the processor will not work.
  • Put a check in Select All Cores tab Clock / Voltage.
  • Now increase the CPU multiplier in small portions.

Here's how you can overclock the processor using AMD OverDrive utility.There are a number of different programs that allow you to increase the performance of your computer.It is worth noting that the manipulation endangering your computer should be gentle in nature, since the computer system - a complex mechanism that can work ambiguous.Moreover, each processor and each motherboard is unique in many respects, so overclocking methods should vary depending on your configuration.On the Internet there are some good Russian-language resources on which explained principles of overclocking in detail.That is where we recommend that you and go to this link: Statistics overclocking.The site offers specific recommendations and methods of overclocking your CPU.

How to overclock the processor Intel?

In order to overclock the processor from the Intel Pentium, we will work in the BIOS.The model is accelerated by Intel CORE 2 DUO processor.Here's what to do:

  • Go into the BIOS and reset all infusions on the "default settings".To do this, select Load Setup Default.
  • Disconnect all extra controllers, devices, and ports.
  • Turn off all power-saving features and Spread Spectrum.It is also recommended that you disable features such as Intel SpeedStep, C1E Support, Vanderpool Technology.
  • Save the settings and do not forget to reboot your computer.
  • Go into the BIOS and set the system bus 300 MNz.
  • Put main memory timings: 5-5-5-15-5 42-10-10-10-25.
  • Put FSB multiplier: the DIMM in 1: 1 mode.
  • Lock the PCI and PCI-Ex bus 33.3 and 101, respectively.
  • Save the settings and reboot the computer.
  • Check the stability of the system in Windows.This is in order to overclock the processor Intel.
  • If the system is stable, then you can move on.
  • Restart your computer and enter the BIOS.
  • Improve the system bus speed to 333 MHz.
  • Check the stability of the system in Windows.
  • If the system is stable, it is necessary to increase the frequency in small portions 5-10MHz.It is necessary to test the system on a stable work after each increase in the frequency.
  • After reaching the frequency 400MHz is necessary to increase the frequency on 1-2MHz with mandatory check after each individual promotion.

impossible to infinitely increase the frequency of the processor, as it ultimately goes to reboot and reset the processor.If the frequency of the processor reached you are not satisfied, then it is necessary to start to raise the voltage.To do this, follow these steps:

  • Boost voltage Vcore = 1.45 V, Vdimm = 2.00-2.10 V. It is also possible to increase by one point the voltage on the north bridge.This is in order to overclock the processor Intel.
  • After the system will not load, it is possible to fix the maximum limit acceleration ligament payment processor memory.

Do not forget to constantly check the stability of the system after each parameter change.It should not be, as well, to increase the load, frequency or voltage directly on many items.The processor overclocking really need patience and tranquility reign.Select a single day for the acceleration and dedicate it exactly the case.Overclocking requires a serious attitude and cool head on his shoulders.All these demands on themselves to help you set up your computer so that it operates as efficiently as possible.Optimization takes time and effort.