How to enable all CPU cores

Many inexperienced users PC or laptop are wondering about how to turn on all the devices the kernel when challenging for the implementation of applications are failing.

How to add a second processor core: manual

Typically, the second CPU core disabled for power saving.To enable it, you need to refer to the commands in the "Start" menu.

  1. In the "Start" menu, click "Run."In the window that appears, type "msconfig".In addition, you can use the keyboard shortcut "Win" and "R" to open the window "Run."
  2. go to the "Downloads" tab in the window that appears.A list of where you need to select your operating system (if you have multiple computer).Now click on "Advanced Settings" button.
  3. you will see a "Number of processors".Put a check mark next to it, and select the number "2" from the drop-down menu.Also, pay attention to select "Debug" and "Balancing the PCI".It is necessary to make sure that the check marks on these functions are not present.
  4. Now click "OK" and then "Apply".
  5. Close all windows and running programs.Save any unsaved documents.Enter the "Start" menu and make the computer reboot.
  6. After rebooting, open the Task Manager, which can be accessed via the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + Alt + Del".In the Manager tab "Performance."
  7. If the core 2 is connected, you can monitor two independent graphics "Chronology of CPU usage."
  8. For finer control operation of the processor can be assigned to different kernels for certain programs.To do this, refer to the tab "Processes" and right-click on the desired program, select "Set line".
  9. After that you will be able to choose the work of a core (or all together) to serve a specific application.

all the processor cores can enable a similar way.Sometimes

to configure your computer stable operation requires a change of its components, including the CPU.To replace the need to be able to turn off the processor.This you will learn in detail in our article How to disable the processor.