How to unlock the processor ?

How to unlock the processor ?

The CPU (processor core, CPU) - a device for processing the program code of all the processes that are running on your computer.The processor is an integrated circuit for handling logical problems and work with complex computer programs.

main processor responds to such standards and properties like:

  • Performance (speed information processor)
  • clock frequency (quantitative characteristic of the issuance of processor cycles per unit time)
  • Architecture (some properties and qualitative characteristics of the equipment, for example, the internalrouting processor, especially graphics)
  • Power

processor - is the "brain" of your computer.The essence of this device lies in a simple mathematical operations of addition, subtraction, division and multiplication.But in conjunction with your software, the processor using prescribed therein system commands or microinstructions, connects all the computer device into a single unit.

What would you know how to unlock the processor, the first thing you need to understand for themselves that not everyone needs to unlock the processor.After all the processors are different, but the main suppliers are such companies - giants like Intel and AMD.Their share in the market development of microprocessor technology virtually equal.Constant war for customers gives users new processors, upgrades to them, of course, is not without sin.

Unlock CPU applies only in certain models of the company AMD (AMD Phenom II, Athlon II, and the core marked X2 and X3).What is the essence of the problem is that unlocking processor cores - a manipulation with the crystal.That is, the company AMD that would save money, and therefore quickly release their product replaces its crystals core processor on a lower quality, with defects.These "defective" crystals blocked due to the fact that simply just not seasoned to the high frequency and the impact of high temperatures.But that would unlock AMD processor cores do not need to, as they say make "dancing with tambourines" over it, because the structure of the crystal itself is susceptible to unlock or "unlock".

So, what to know how to unlock the processor core you need to perform these actions:

  • You should understand that the removal of release leads to an increase in CPU temperature, that is, you need to install additional or more powerful cooling your kernel.Because overclocking a processor can burn it.
  • Itself unlocking does not require the installation of some software applications.You need only enter the BIOS shell.Different motherboards shell run different buttons (eg: at the bottom of the screen when you turn on your computer, you will see: «Press DEL to run Setup»)
  • If you have a parent company Asus board, the release produced F4 button.If Gigabyte, the BIOS menu you will see the IGX Configuration tab.Then when you press the "Enter" key, you will see two items "the Enabled» and «Disabled».Choose a second and realize the inclusion of "unlock".
  • pressing the F10 key, you save the settings and reboot the system.Operating system after this manipulation may issue a blue screen that "deadly" for Windows.This means that the processor core still is defective and you need to restore all the parameters back.
  • If the blue screen you see, you still need to check the system for errors.

Note: Unlocking AMD CPU core is a lottery for the users.Because only the third / fourth processor may be unblocked.Also, there is a problem with the "unlock" not all processor cores.That is, for example, one core is working properly, and the second only half of its capacity.If you own, thanks to the instructions, you can not unlock your processor came, contact a service center or a specialist.