What is comedy ?

What is comedy ?

Through this article you will learn what a comedy in literature, theater and cinema.Comedy genre is called a work of art with a distinctive humorous or satirical approach to him.Comedy - it is also a kind of drama, where the effective time of conflict or struggle antagonistic characters allowed specifically.Here is a brief that is comedy.

Aristotle compared with imitation comedy to ridicule people with bad habits (Ch. The V in "Poetics").Comedy by Aristophanes in ancient Athens, are the earliest surviving.

Types comedies

comedy belong to the following genres: farce, a sideshow, vaudeville, burlesque, skit, operetta.

should also highlight the sitcom and comedy of manners.


sitcom (ie, sitcom, situation comedy) - a comedy, where the events and circumstances are the source of the ridiculous.

in the works of Shakespeare, Moliere, Shaw, it was one of the leading genres.

Examples include classic sitcom in the works of Shakespeare: "Twelfth Night", "The Comedy of Errors," "The Merchant of Venice."Moliere belongs comedy "Le Bourgeois Gentilhomme".

beginning of the development of this genre in Russia put D. Fonvizin.His example was followed by other writers.Chekhov wrote a "Bear", Gogol?"Inspector" and "Marriage".

Nowadays, comedies are considered to be movies that are built on the outside of the comic.This comedy of the situation in which a character gets to a certain stage of development actions.

in cinema belongs to this genre paintings Gaidai "Diamond Hand", "Ivan Vasilievich"."Shirley Myrli" Menshov and "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath" Ryazanov are also sitcoms.

For example, the film "Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!"? Is a traditional Christmas comedy.The story, probably known to you.Before the New Year friends decided to warm up, because this is their annual tradition.So "napar" to such an extent that by mistake sent to Leningrad was not that friend.Thus, Sasha falls into someone else's apartment.However the address in the same apartment as he in Moscow.Soon the stranger reveals hostess ...

Comedy characters

comedy characters (ie, a comedy of manners) - a comedy in which the following can be sources of funny:

  • inner essence of manners (the characters);
  • funny and ugly one-sided;
  • exaggerated passion or feature (flaw, defect).

often satirical comedy of manners, as it satirizes certain human qualities.For example, it's "Tartuffe" by Moliere.

So you know what a comedy.The definition of this genre is given in school on Russian literature lessons.Types of comedy varied.Reflected this genre also found in the theater and cinema.