What is the ground ?

What is the ground ?

Grounding - a special connection point of the electrical network and the grounding of the device.Grounding for electrical installations necessary for the safety of human life from electric shock.

Let's see what the ground is and what it should be.


are two types of operation on the ground:

  1. It is usually part of the conductive casings of equipment, which are connected to zero, in other words, performed "vanishing".That is in contact with the housing phase appliance turns and short circuit due to the "vanishing" turns off the machine under the accounting board.
  2. second principle - is the grounding of the appliance housing.In the case of entering the housing phase, thanks to ground that passes through the body of the appliance and on the ground, there is a withdrawal phase from the man on the ground, respectively, the human is not an electric shock, and thus be saved life.

Why not settle for simple assault rifles?Because even the fastest machine has its own response time, which means that there is a chance of electric shock.

Each appliance has its own electrical wiring insulation.Sometimes circumstances this wiring can come into a state of disrepair that, in turn, leads to a failure of the electrical equipment, and in another case, and electric shock.This ground is intended to protect people from the dangers of data.

Example Assume there is electrical stove or washing machine.These devices are potentially hazardous since they are in contact with water, water is an excellent conductor.So somehow we moved the housing electrical potential.If there is no ground, then at the touch of a person can get an electric shock.But the electric potential can not bring any harm, if everything happens in a dry place on the surface of the collector.For the occurrence of electrical shock should occur electric potential difference.This difference occurs when in the moist environment or on a metal surface.The same can happen if the touch conductive elements, such as a water pipe.

That grounding devices saves a person's life.If the grounded body of the device (in most cases is the outlet, and the elements of supply current), there will be a charge on the body (even static) instantaneously flows to the ground and, therefore, reduces the danger.

Stronger fault isolation and contact phase on the housing there is a short circuit that triggers off machines.

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