What is that smell?

What is that smell?

Our nose "can" pick up odors.They are different, some pleasant for us, and some are very bad.How to define, what is that smell?The smell - it is an impulse that is sent to our nose to the brain.There, the information is analyzed and it is very fast.Nose - a special organ of perception.A small child does not see, but he can recognize the smell of their mother.Our ancestors were looking for the smell of the food itself.As we catch smell of danger to themselves, for example, fire or the smell of gas.


When the molecules of the substance are brought into contact with the nerve endings of our nose, then we perceive the smell.Hairs that cover our nose mucosa have olfactory nerve cell receptors.All the air that we pull the nose passes through the top of the nasopharynx where such hairs are located.But if we sniff specifically, then we pull the air themselves.If the zone of smell comes the substance, it goes directly to the brain impulse, and there is estimated smell.Man identifies five types of odors:

  • one that is associated with flowers;
  • burning;
  • specific;
  • rotten;
  • ether.

Sometimes people confuse what is the sense of smell and taste what.When we eat, the smell of food irritates the olfactory receptors.For example, if we eat sausage and do not feel the smell, then we do not feel its taste.Therefore, the food has no taste when it is cold.Because of the cold nose is blocked, and we think that the taste of the food is not.

not smell

Often we hear from people: "It does not smell."And if there's something that does not smell?Yes there is.For example, natural gas, it has no odor.But, to be distinguished from other odors added thereto substances which have an unpleasant pungent smell.Also, human sweat, it is also odorless.Only when bacteria appear in it, it starts to smell.

People can every time explain the reason why they like this or that smell.Scientific analysis does not always produce results.

There is a science - aromatherapy with which experts have developed a methodology for the impact of odors on the human body.Aromoterapevty said that the nerve and hormonal responses essential oils have an effect.Thus, using natural flavors, we can restore the processes in the body.Many people know that there are scents that soothe us, and there are smells that give us vitality and health.