What is a star ?

What is a star ?

Looking at the night sky, we see a lot of shining stars.All children think that stars are small and can even fit in your palm, but adults know that it is not.But all to be able to give a scientific definition?

Let's see what the star in terms of astronomy.

star in astronomy

Star in this area is a luminous celestial body that is seen in the cloudless night.Since the stars are distant from the Earth for a few thousand kilometers, we see the stars only as points of light in the sky.Speaking the language of science, the star is a large ball of gas, which emits light and is held in limbo own gravity and pressure that produced nuclear fusion reactions.

is composed mainly of hydrogen and helium elements.All Stars has the shape of a ball, which is possible due to gravity, which is under pressure prevents particles scatter in different directions.To learn more about the composition of a star can be articles from which stars are made.

What are the stars?

In terms of astronomy, stars have an important role.For example, the closest star to Earth - the sun - plant life in the world, filling it with the necessary energy.Also, the Sun gives us heat, which generates life.Furthermore, heating and evaporating water, sun involved in the formation of clouds, which then fall as precipitation.

star clusters emits light.This can be read in the article why the stars shine.

Types stars

stars can be divided into categories based on several factors:

  • colors: blue, white-blue, white, yellow, yellow-white, orange, red.
  • Change of gloss, new, supernovas, hypernovae, LBV (bright blue variables);ULX (ultra bright X-ray sources).Differ data Star speed color change.
  • terms of composition and temperature.

Learn about the differences of the stars and planets can be in the article How are stars from planets.

Other meanings of the word

word "star" is also known as:

  • celebrities and famous people in the arts, science or sport, "Yelena Isinbayeva - star in the pole vault."A star in a figurative sense - is unremarkable and ordinary people, "Vaughn local star has gone."
  • geometric shapes, which is based on the triangular protrusions on the circumference, as well as the subject of this form: Candle in the shape of a star.
  • Officer insignia on the shoulder straps, as well as premium Order (Order of the Red Star).
  • marine animals.Often you can find the phrase "starfish", which means that invertebrate echinoderm class.

These are the values ​​can take the word "star."Other meanings of words can be found in the Definitions section.