What is the plot ?

What is the plot ?

Land - part of the Earth's surface, having boundaries that are defined by law.Let's take a closer look at what the land.

difference between the concepts of "land" and "land"

In terms of land legislation are two concepts - "land" and "land".


Earth - a term used to describe the area.For example, there are public lands.On these lands are streets, roads, beaches, pools and other public facilities.This concept is mainly featured in reports or regulations.

Earth - an important component of the environment that is used for production in agriculture and forestry.Are protected, controlled and used such land by the state.

In Russia, the land fund is divided by purpose

  • agriculture;
  • settlement;
  • industry, energy, transport, broadcasting, and other special purposes;
  • protected areas;
  • forest and water fund;
  • reserve lands.

Earth can not participate in the transaction of purchase and sale, lease or other types of transactions.In turn, to perform these actions with the land is not prohibited.


individual housing construction (individual housing)

This kind of site can be located only on the lands of the village.The site has an address, and in the construction of the house you will be able to register it without any problems.Municipalities supply of land for individual housing construction infrastructure (roads, health, educational and cultural institutions, transport networks, shopping).Also, the authorities are obliged to take all the necessary communications.

chalet non-profit partnerships (DNP) and garden-profit partnership (SNK)

much difference between these two types of land there.When building a house on this site would be extremely difficult to get the address, so make the registration.Get registration is possible, but it will be necessary to make an examination at home, and go to court.Difficulties will arise during the gas, water and electricity in view of the legislation.

private farming

This type of site can be located within the boundaries of settlements, such as homestead land, and beyond, for example, a field plot.If the land is in the village, then over time it can be converted to private housing.

Types of plots under the cadastral procedures

  • formed land plot.This section is formed by dividing or combining land, which belongs to the state or municipality.
  • original plot.This site, from which the formation of new associations or by reallocating other sites.
  • clarifying land.This plot of land border and an area specified by cadastral services.
  • Changed land.This type of site contains a number of definitions.Firstly, it is the function of the original land, ie from it, new land.Secondly, this site is owned by the state and is not fixed nor for what officials.
  • converted land.This plot, which was formed by the other station.

Legal rights

  1. limits of land required labeling boundary marks.
  2. establish ownership of the land and placed it on the buildings and facilities.
  3. the property data must be registered with the state land cadastre service.

part of the land may be:

  • buildings and facilities, including groundwater;
  • area for the cultivation of flowers, trees and other plants (including arable land, pastures, hayfields);
  • share ownership for infrastructure, which is in the joint operation.