What is the cap ?

What is the cap ?

We use this term in the various areas of our lives, but at the beginnings of the formation of the word, was the one and only meaning.Small studies will help to understand and to tell you what a cap, in all its meanings.

Classic Russian version of "cap" consisted of a cone-shaped crown of about 31 centimeters in height, and band of fur.The height of the band was 9 centimeters.

In the area of ​​the frontal part of the band was made wedge-shaped incision, called it "a tear".The history of the classic "cap" begins with the 10th century.Later, due to the massive spread of caps in all sectors of society, it has become the common name for a large number of hats.

Alternative "Caps»

Modern interpretations of the historical names include different meaning.For example, what is the cap site.This top of the page, which indicates its boundary.Most often it is an image file, which displays the name of the resource or the company, contact information, slogan.Cap site is of great importance for the promotion of the site.Visual appeal and page loading, it is a "cap" may largely predetermine the fate of the site.

term "cap" is often used in the printing industry.In magazines and journals is heading located at the top-read strips.

not the last place is occupied by the table in the document.And they have their "hats".Table Hat - this is the first row, which contains the individual headings in the table.

Famous "Hats»

History connoisseurs will not complicate to explain what the "Cap of Monomakh" or "Golden Cap".This is the most important regalia of Russian princes and kings, the symbol of the autocratic power.he performed like a gold spiky headdress trimmed with sable fur.Crowned with a headdress cross, and he adorned with rubies, emeralds and pearls.Weight cap of almost one kilogram.

Contemporaries 60s remembers what the reindeer-fawn hat.This attribute of power and high rank in the party nomenclature of the USSR.Cap cultivated calf reindeer - Pyzhik, aged no more than 6 months.This headpiece was a rare and very valuable.