What is Shellac ?

What is Shellac ?

amazing, but it's true!New technologies allow modern women forget that the nails need to varnish regularly!The new coating for nails - shellac, perfectly kept for almost two weeks.Nothing can ruin your perfect manicure.Now women with weak and brittle nails by nature can shine a great manicure.What is Shellac?Shellac - this incredible product, created with all the characteristics that endow women perfect nail.It combines three basic parameters that make it indispensable:

  • Easy and fast application;
  • Stunning resistance;
  • absence of any harm to the nail.

In addition, shellac combines the best that is in nail polishes and modern modeling gels: it is a rich palette of colors and glitter, and easy application and long-lasting effect, and strength, and no odor.

What shellac coating

nail shellac coating is very simple: after all, it should be applied as a gel, and from ordinary varnish it is impossible to distinguish.Remove shellac can be a matter of minutes, besides, it benefits your nails - protects and strengthens them.In addition, shellac - completely hypoallergenic product, its composition does not include formaldehyde from resins.

Another undeniable plus shellac is that you do not need to specifically prepare your nails before using.Given that you will not carry out the necessary procedures, for example, washed down, you avoid unnecessary injury to your nail plate.Shellac need be applied to the nails a conventional lacquer, then dried under a UV lamp.This coating polimiziruetsya only a few minutes, so you can avoid unwanted lubricating varnish.In addition, if you are lucky and you have the nature of the thin and brittle nails, shellac, and then come to the rescue, it will give your nails flexibility and strength.

In addition to all of the above, shellac has other advantages.For example, it does not lose luster, which will not change the coverage for a few weeks.Furthermore, on the surface appear not crack and does not exfoliate.To remove shellac, only need to use a special liquid, which is a few minutes remove it with your nails.

With the ability to use shellac, you will find several advantages for himself.If you - the owner of the long and strong nails, you probably will not again faced with the fact that the ordinary varnish missing quite a while, and no matter how much it cost.Shellac coating lasts up to two weeks, so relieves you from problems.So I do not need to wonder about what is shellac polish and manicure afraid to try new technology.Shellac will help make your manicure is not only ideal, but also the long-term!