What is bread ?

What is bread ?

Bread - is the most common product in the world, and in different countries, different types of bread popular.For example, in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, the most popular type of bread is a loaf, in the United States - the so-called bagel, Israel - matzah, France - baguette.Consider what are the basic principles of making bread.

What is bread: definition

Bread - is the food, which is prepared by baking, steaming or frying dough.The required components of the test are salt, yeast, flour and water.This so-called essential base that serves as a minimum for the preparation of normal bread.Bread are often made from agricultural crops, such as rye, wheat or barley.

Basic principles of making bread

fundamentally important part of flour for making bread.Flour from grains must be produced, which were pulverized to a powder.Most often use wheat flour, but there are frequent cases of use and rye, corn, barley flour.The composition of flour as starch and proteins are present.

course, for the formation of a dough of flour used water.The volume of fluid will depend on the recipe.Sometimes the preparation of bread, various fruit juices, dairy products or beer.

bread to chew well, be sure to add yeast to it.This process is called fermentation.Most breads fermented using yeast fungus.Sometimes the bread is prepared without leaven.

As noted above, the major components of bread are salt and sugar, but there are types of bread called dietetic.They starch and sugar content are often reduced to zero, such as bread can not contain salt.These breads are designed for people who suffer from hypertension, diabetes, or kidney disease.

History bread

is believed that the first bread appeared in ancient Rome and was a paste of roasted grains and water.Bread could name the same barley or maize, millet and oats.In Asia, a substitute for bread was always rice.

Bread dough first appeared in Egypt.It is worth noting that even in the ancient world there were many types of bread.For example, in ancient Greece, it was the honey cakes, bread curls, who used military, poppy seed bread.The best bread white bread was considered, and the black, gray, rye bread was the food of the poor.This is now known to scientists that it was gray and brown bread are the most useful type of bread.

importance of bread culture

Many nations bread is the most important product in the diet.This is due to the fact that many people who could not afford to eat rich and diverse, and often went hungry at all, were saved from starvation was using bread.It is known that even a small piece of bread is able to satisfy your hunger for a while.That is why it is so appreciated and valued today.

That's why, for example, there is a saying in Russian: "Bread - the head of everything."After all, despite the fact that at some point, even the common people could eat more varied, the bread still remains a staple food and was present at every table, no matter how rich he may be.

Bread plays an important role in religion.In Orthodoxy, the bread is identified with the body of Jesus Christ.Moreover, in many nations the bread is truly a sacred product, it in no case should be disposed of or handle it roughly.Thus, the bread is for many people something more than just a food product, it involves a lot of legends and stories.

In the diet it also plays an important role in promoting better digestion.wholemeal bread helps to improve digestion, and iodized bread - improving the working of the thyroid gland.

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