What is color?

What is color?

Every day we are surrounded by thousands of colors and shades.Each object this big world is painted in its own way.Almost every color has its own name, and people can easily navigate the vast color spectrum.But how does this happen?First of all, it is necessary to deal with the fact that such color.

color - is, first and foremost, a physical phenomenon.Speaking the language of science, it is characteristic of electromagnetic radiation special optical-spectrum range.There is a color perception based on experiences of the visual apparatus.

Speaking in simple language, the color - a visual sensation that a person gets when they get light beams of different wavelengths in the eye.The perception of color is very subjective characteristic.It turns out that each person sees color differently.

The question arises: why people can call the color some words to give names.Everything is very simple.Visual apparatus arranged in different people the same way.That's why people see colors differently, but it is very similar.

The perception of color visual impact of the disease.For example, when color blindness color vision markedly impaired.A person may also experience a complete lack of color sensation.This condition is called color blindness.In the world of this disease is rare - about 8% of men and 0.5% women.Unfortunately, such people are only theoretically know what color.

Today, scientists say that the ability to distinguish colors - is a function of cones of the retina.Cones also have color vision function.It is believed that the human eye can distinguish between the seven basic colors and up to ten million shades.According to Young-Helmholtz theory, the human eye has only three components that distinguish between red, green and blue colors.Light stimulation of these components in a certain combination gives other colors and shades.Animals

distinguish different colors.Numerous experiments have shown that mammals are very poorly recognize shades.For instance, bulls, dogs and cats do not see color.Their world - black, white and gray.But monkeys, for example, can distinguish colors as well as man.Some birds, such as chickens, distinguish all colors of the rainbow.

for people has always been important to understand how color affects the body and mind.In one of our articles, you can read about the effects of color on the person.