What is this phenomenon ?

What is this phenomenon ?

is called any manifestation of something, as well as any change in the world around us.The meaning of words is determined by the context, namely the adjective, standing next to the term "phenomenon".What is the phenomenon that is difficult to understand without examples, so let them.

  • physical phenomena can be regarded as a change of the aggregate state of the substance.
  • In this area there are unusual natural phenomena like petrified waves.
  • His frightened something that could be called paranormal phenomena.

Let us consider the term "phenomenon" depending on the context.

What is the physical phenomenon

First of all, note that the physical phenomenon - it is a process, not the result of anything.It is a process of change the status or position of physical systems.Note that the physical phenomenon - is a phenomenon which does not occur in the conversion of one substance to another.Its composition will remain the same, but the status or position change.

Physical phenomena are classified as follows:

  • Electrical phenomena.They involve electric charges.For example, lightning current.
  • mechanical phenomena.Movement relative to each other will be.For example, the movement of vehicles on the road.
  • Thermal phenomena.They are associated with a change in body temperature.For example, the melting of snow.
  • Optical phenomena.They are connected with the metamorphosis of light rays.For example, a rainbow.
  • magnetic phenomena.Emerge with the appearance of the magnetic properties of a particular object.For example, a compass with an arrow pointing to the North.
  • atomic phenomena.Happen when the metamorphosis of the inner structure of matter.For example, the glow of the stars.

What natural phenomena

natural phenomena considered climatic and meteorological displays of nature that occur naturally.Rain, snow, storm, earthquake - all examples of natural phenomena.

important to understand that such a phenomenon of nature and how it is interconnected with physical phenomena.So, in the same natural phenomenon can be counted multiple physical phenomena.That is the concept of "natural phenomenon" extensive.For example, a natural phenomenon like a thunderstorm includes the following physical phenomena: the movement of clouds and rain (mechanical effects), lightning (electrical phenomenon), the burning of wood from a lightning strike (thermal effect).

What paranormal

When people talk about paranormal phenomena are due to any change of reality that are not the norm, a common phenomenon.They do not have scientific explanations, evidence.Their existence goes beyond the understanding of ordinary picture of the world.Examples of paranormal phenomena are: weeping icons, biofield beings.