Analysis of the novel " War and Peace"

Анализ романа "Война и мир"

four-volume epic novel LN Tolstoy's "War and Peace" is known to every person from the school.Someone liked this work, and he read it from the first volume to the last;Someone was horrified by the amount of the novel, which you need to master;while others simply ignored the teacher's request to read the novel.However, "War and Peace" - really worthwhile and a great work of Russian literature, is still studying at school.This article is designed to help students understand the novel, to understand its meaning and main ideas.So, we present you a concise analysis of the novel "War and Peace".Pay attention to the most important points.

In the analysis of the novel "War and Peace" can be divided into three main ideas that reveals Tolstoy.It is thought the family, thought folk and spiritual thought.

idea of ​​family in the novel "War and Peace»

It is convenient to trace how Tolstoy portrays three families in the novel - family Bolkonsky, Rostov and Kuragin.

Family Bolkonskis

begin analysis of the work "War and Peace" to the Bolkonsky family.Family Bolkonskis - this old prince Bolkonsky and his children - Andrew and Mary.The main features of this family - follow the mind, rigor, pride, decency, a strong sense of patriotism.They are very restrained in the manifestation of their feelings, but Marya sometimes openly displays them.

old prince - a representative of the old aristocracy, very strict, has the power both among the servants, and to his family.He is very proud of his ancestry and mind, wants his children to be the same.So the prince is taken for tuition daughter geometry and algebra at a time when ladies of such knowledge is not required.

Prince Andrew - the representative of the advanced noble youth.This is a very strong-willed, tenacious man of high moral principles, he does not accept human weakness.In life, it is waiting for a lot of tests, but he will always find a correct way out because of its morality.Much has changed in his life, the love of Natasha Rostova, which will be for him like a breath of fresh air, a symbol of the present life.But treason Natasha kill him hope for the best.However, this life is over Andrei Bolkonsky, he still will find a sense of life.

to Princess Mary's important in life is self-sacrifice, she is always ready to help others, even to the detriment of themselves.This is a very gentle, kind, nice soul and submissive girl.She is religious, dreaming of simple human happiness.However, it is not so soft, it could be hard and stand your ground when humiliate her self-esteem.

family Rostovs

family Rostovs Masterfully depicted in Leo Tolstoy's novel."War and Peace", the analysis of this work will continue the story of this family.

family within the meaning of the Rostov family Bolkonskis countered that the important thing for Bolkonskis - a reason, and for the Rostov - a feeling.The main features of the Rostov family - kindness, generosity, nobility, moral purity, closeness to the people, generosity, openness, hospitality and friendliness.In addition to their children, with their lives even Sonya, the niece of Count Boris Drubetskoy, the son of a distant relative, and Vera.In the difficult time the Rostov family sacrifice their property and helping his country to sustain the war.The old count, for example, donates their carts to the wounded were taken to them.The family - a symbol of liberation from the material world of luxury.

Old Count Ilya Andreyevich father - simple and kind gentleman, trusting and wasteful person, loves his family and home holidays, he had a close relationship with the children,he supports them in everything.

Countess Rostova - teacher and tutor their children, it is also a relationship of trust with them.

warm relationship based on love of kindred, there are children in the relationship. Natasha and Sonya like best friends, besides, Natasha is very fond of his brother Nicholas, pleased when he returns home.

Nikolai P skeleton, the elder brother of Natasha - simple, noble, honest, responsive,generous people . He is kind, romantic, like Natasha.Forgives old friends Drubetskoy their debt.However, the limited interests of Nicholas and his family farm. At the end of the novel he creates a family with Mary Bolkonskaya, and they go out harmonious union.

Natasha Rostova, the youngestof the children - a fun, lively, spontaneous girl, family Rostovs soul, childhood neglect decency rules adopted in society.It looks ugly, but she has a beautiful pure soul, it has many features of a naive child. work is constructed so that the closer the man Natasha, the clearer it spiritually.Natasha is not characteristic of deep introspection and reflection on the meaning of life.She is selfish, but her ego is natural, as opposed to, for example, Helen Kuragin selfishness. Natasha lives and feelings at the end of the novel finds happiness, creating a family with Pierre Bezukhov.

Family Kuragin

analysis of the novel "War and Peace"we will continue the story of Kuragin family. Kuragino - is old prince Basil and three of his child: Helen, Hippolytus, and Anatole. For this family the most important thing - it is a good financial situation and status in society , with each other, they are connected only by blood.

Prince Vasili - ambitiousschemer, aspiring to wealth.He needs a legacy Cyril Pierre's why he did trying to bring her daughter Helen Pierre.

daughter Helen - socialite, "cold" beauty with impeccable manners of behavior in society, but devoid of the beauty of the soul and the senses.She is only interested in secular receptions and salons.

Prince Vasili finds fools of both of his sons.Hippolytus, he was able to attach to the service, bringing with him and enough.More And ppolit nowhere seeks.Anatole - secular handsome playboy, a lot of trouble with him.So he settled down, the old prince wants to marry him to a gentle and rich Bolkonskaya Mary, but the marriage did not take place due to the fact that Mary did not want to part with his father and create a family with Anatole.

thought family - one of the most important in the novel "War and Peace".Tolstoy scrutinizes Bolkonskis family, growth and Kuragin, puts them at a crucial time for the country's situation, and observes how they will behave. is easy to conclude that the future of the country for the author sees the Rostov and Bolkonsky families, highly spiritual, d obryh and related people.

idea popular in the novel "War and Peace»

can not provide a full analysis of the works of "Warand peace "without consideration of people's thoughts. This idea - the second major theme in the novel "War and Peace".It reflected the depth and greatness of the Russian people.Tolstoy in his novel showed the people so that it does not seem faceless mass of people had reasonable, they change and move forward history.

Many people in such people as Platon Karataev.This humble man, who loves all equally, he takes all the troubles that occur in his life, however, is not soft and weak-willed.Platon Karataev in the novel - a symbol of the people's wisdom, educated in the Russian people since ancient times.This figure is significantly influenced Pierre Pierre, on his outlook. Based thoughts Karataeva Pierre will then decide for themselves, h the good in life and what is bad.

power and spiritual beauty of the Russian people show t akzhe many episodic characters.For example, the gunners Rajewski fear death in battle, but them it is not visible .They are not used to talk a lot, they are used to prove his devotion to the Motherland with their chores, thus silently protect its .

Tikhon Shcherbaty - another bright representative of Russian people , he expresses his anger, excessive, but still justified cruelty .

Kutuzov natural, closethe soldiers, the people, and so loved by his subordinates, and ordinary people.This is a wise leader who understands that nothing can change, so it is just a little old and etsya change the course of events.

Almost every character in the novel is checked people's thoughts. B it remote from the people are, the less his chances of true happiness.Napoleon himself of love that can not be approved by the soldiers, Kutuzov same - like a father to his soldiers, moreover, he does not need great fame as Napoleon, so it is appreciated and loved.

Russian people are not perfect, and Tolstoy seeks to present it as such.However, all the flaws of the Russian people overlap their behavior in wartime, because everyone is willing to sacrifice so than perhaps for the good of the country, to save her. Consideration thoughts People - one of the key issues in the analysis of the novel "War and Peace".

Thought spiritual novel "War and Peace»

now turn to the third important issue inanalysis of works of "War and peace".This m ysl spiritual.Lies she in the spiritual development of the main characters. Harmony reach those g e swarms that are developing, not standing still.They make mistakes, Zabol in zhdayutsya, change their conception of life, but as a result of coming into harmony.

example,it Bolkonsky.At the beginning of the novel - an educated intelligent young man, to wh ich sees the vulgarity noble environment.He wants to escape from this atmosphere, it tends to perform the feat and gain fame, so sent to the army.On the battlefield, he sees how awful war, soldiers fiercely trying to kill each other, and to x themselves killed, patriotism here is false.Andrew wounded, he falls on his back and sees the sky above his head.It creates a contrast between kill conductive each other's soldiers and pure soft palate.At this point, Prince A HDPE understand that in life there are more important things than fame and War, Napoleon ceased to be his idol. This is a turning point in the soul Andrei Bolkonsky. Later he p e decreases, h it will live for their loved ones and themselves in the family world, but he was too active, to withdrawonly at this.Andrew reborn to train Life Span of district wants to help people and live for them, he finally understands the meaning of Christian love, but bright gusts of his soulcut off by the death of the hero on the battlefield .

Pierre Pierre is also looking for the meaning of his life.At the beginning of the novel, not finding what he do, Pierre leads SPEECH l nuyu life. However, he realizes that this life is not for him, but the strength to throw her from him yet. He was weak-willed and too trusting, so easily falls into Helen Kuragin network.However x marriage did not last long, Pierre realized that he had been deceived, and dissolved the marriage.Having survived his grief, Pierre joined a Masonic lodge, where he found a use. But seeing greed and dishonesty of a Masonic lodge, Pierre leaves her.The Battle of Borodino Pierre greatly changing world, he sees hitherto unknown to him the world of ordinary soldiers, and he wants to become a soldier.Later, Pierre is captured, where he sees the military court and the execution of Russian soldiers.In captivity, he met with Plato Karataev, which greatly affects the presentation of the Pierre of good and evil. At the end of the novel, Pierre marries Natasha, and together they take on marital happiness.