Analysis of the novel " Eugene Onegin "

product of "Eugene Onegin" by Alexander Pushkin was published in 1833, but still it excites the hearts of men.Each senior student knows the passages from the novel by heart and all its protagonists.In order to understand the secret of the success of the works made in this article, a brief analysis of Pushkin's novel "Eugene Onegin".

General characteristics of the novel

  • direction and genre."Eugene Onegin" - is one of the first Russian realistic novel of social and psychological direction.Moreover, this novel is not written in prose and in verse.The history of its creation covers several periods of the poet.
  • ideas and thoughts.The novel is named the same as the name of the protagonist, is no accident.This Pushkin emphasized the special importance of the character.The image of Eugene Onegin, he wanted to show the image of the hero of time.According to Pushkin, the hallmark of the youth of the 19th century was the indifference to life, its pleasures, the poet called it "premature aging of the soul".
  • Another important idea - is to show the nature of the Russian national character.Tatiana is not only the "Russian soul" of the heroine, but also ideal woman.
  • In this novel, the author also revealed the nobility, which formed the main characters.On the one hand - this is the highest light St. Petersburg and Moscow, imbued with the spirit of "empty" and "cold" on the other - the nobility province.The ratio of the poet in him was different, that he showed in the novel.
  • topics.The novel covers a vast living material.Therefore, the problems and product topics as diverse and versatile.It shows in detail the social, consumer and cultural way of life of all of Russian society of the early 19th century.
  • Problems.At the heart of the problems the product is the main problem of society at that time.This opposition is the main part of Russian society, honoring national traditions, European Enlightenment Russian nobility.
  • main characters.In the novel, all the time is the opposition: the town - the village, the national - non-national.In the same way, and are opposed to the novel's characters."Hero Time" appears to the reader in the form of Eugene Onegin.It acts representative of the "Russian Byronism".Tatiana Larina is "pretty ideal", the poet put into it their ideas about the nature of Russian.Vladimir Lensky - also the representative of the Russian nobility, but of a different type - it is a young romantic, a dreamer, unlike the Byronic Onegin.

brief analysis of Heads

  • Analysis 1 chapter of "Eugene Onegin".In the first chapter to explain the appearance of Onegin, such an unusual hero, Pushkin describes in detail what happened to him.As a result, the head becomes clear that there is a contradiction.With all the possibilities that gives the hero a brilliant metropolitan life, he was not attracted to her.And the reader the question arises as to why he lost interest in life.
  • Analysis 2 chapters of "Eugene Onegin".The second chapter is a description of the main characters, their portraits are characteristics drawn some character traits.And again the question: why Onegin neighbors, but with Lena converge?After all, they are so different, so different from each other, like ice and fire.
  • Analysis 3 chapters of "Eugene Onegin".It is believed that this chapter begins outset of the conflict.But to become Pushkin, with his poetic energy to stretch into two chapters exposure?The novel he started strongly.The plot of the novel lies in the contradictions besetting the hero, the strangeness of his anguish at all the splendor of living conditions.The second chapter leads to the change of living environment, to change places.But here, in the estate Onegin misses almost the same as in the capital.3rd chapter - just the next step of this story.He is to face not with the village, and with a feeling resembling element, - with love.Feeling that broke out in Tatiana, and her act, letter of love are central in this chapter.And questions again.Why is it suddenly woke up in love Tatiana?And what prompted her to write a letter to Onegin?
  • Analysis 4 chapters of "Eugene Onegin".Chapter shows the reader the reaction of the hero of love.How to evaluate its explanation in the garden of the author of the novel and Tatiana?Do the same way?What author needed to show in this chapter, the sanctity of Onegin and Lensky and happy love Olga?
  • Analysis 5 chapters of "Eugene Onegin".Here the hero is waiting for a new trial, and he was faced with the question: what will win - the desire to own the rest, supported by the consciousness of superiority over others, or sympathy for another's love, indulgence in friendship?Chapter answer the questions: how Tatiana was able to predict a collision Lensky and Onegin, Tatiana than a dream similar to the name day?
  • Analysis 6 chapters of "Eugene Onegin".It exposes the hollowness of all sense of superiority inherent in Onegin.It is the isolation of the fight with the community, which was planned in the splenetic Onegin and ended with the murder of another young poet.In the living there is only the physical shell of the main character, he is morally broken.Condemnation of the environment, which he despises, was stronger than its undercurrents and sincere desires.Questions to which it would be necessary to answer: what happened, as friends become enemies and suddenly faced in a duel, who is still to blame for the duel, in its sad ending?
  • Analysis 7 chapters of "Eugene Onegin".It is built on 2 events: a visit Tatyana house in which live Onegin and Tatiana visit to Moscow.The Hero is not in Moscow.The reader amplified vibrations about Onegin evaluation.There is still great uncertainty and mystery in his figure.The victim moral fiasco, it would seem to us to be convicted.The doubts that beset Tatiana and plunged it into indifference, as if the more we contribute to condemn Onegin.But in the eighth chapter of Pushkin it takes us from the erroneous errors and does not let foolish to condemn a hero.Hero who at the end of the novel is capable of genuine feelings and deep suffering.Here ask questions: Does Tatiana to Onegin attitude has changed in relation to all the events occurred?
  • Analysis 8 chapters of "Eugene Onegin".In this chapter Onegin found opportunities that he did not have before.Hero ascended, it opened directly, selfless and lyrical feeling.But, nevertheless, he finds himself in a tragic impasse.According to Pushkin, go into love, expressing a cold contempt for the public, not a rescue.This is the inner meaning of the denouement of the novel.But the question we have to answer: Tatiana loves Onegin, but why did she reject him now?

We have presented to you a little analysis of the novel "Eugene Onegin", we hope that it will help you better understand this work.