Analysis of the novel " The Master and Margarita "

Анализ романа "Мастер и Маргарита"

novel "Master and Margarita" is a central product of creativity, MABulgakov.This novel has an interesting artistic structure.The novel is set in three storylines.It is a realistic world and life in Moscow, and Yershalaim world, transporting the reader to distant events and times, as well as the fantastic world of Woland and his entire entourage.Of particular interest is the analysis of the novel "The Master and Margarita", with it you can best experience all the philosophical significance of the work.

Genre originality of the novel

In its genre work "The Master and Margarita" is a novel.His genre originality is revealed as follows: socio-philosophical fiction, a satirical novel in the novel.This work is social, because it reflects the last years of the NEP in the USSR.Venue - Moscow, not an academic, not a ministerial and party and government, and narrow-minded, communal household.

For three days in Moscow Woland and his entire entourage studying manners most ordinary Soviet people.According to the communist ideology, these people were supposed to represent a new type of people who are free from social deficiencies and diseases.

satire in his work "The Master and Margarita"

life of the inhabitants of Moscow in the novel the author describes very satirical.It punishes the evil spirit careerists, thieves, schemers.They "flourished", taking advantage of the benefits of "healthy soil of Soviet society."

author gives a description and the spiritual life of the community along with satirical images of crooks.First of all, interested in the literary life of Bulgakov in Moscow.Prominent representatives of the creative intelligentsia in this work is a literary official Mikhail Berlioz, inspiring young members MOSSOLITa and semi-literate and highly opinionated Ivan Homeless, who considers himself a poet.Satirical image of culture is based on the fact that they are highly inflated ego made does not correspond to their creative achievements.

Philosophical meaning of the novel "The Master and Margarita"

analysis of the product shows the great philosophical content of the novel.Here, scenes from ancient times intertwined with the description of Soviet reality.From the relationship the procurator of Judea, Pontius Pilate, the omnipotent governor of Rome, and the poor preacher Yeshua Ha-reveals the philosophical and moral content of the work of Bulgakov.It is in the conflict of these characters and the author sees a vivid manifestation of arts ideas of good and evil.More fully reveal the ideological plan works Bulgakov help fiction elements.

novel scene analysis

Analysis episode of "The Master and Margarita" may help more deeply feel this work.One of the most dynamic and vivid scenes of the novel is a flight over Moscow Margarita.Before Margaret is the goal - to meet Woland.Before this meeting, she was allowed to fly over the city.Marguerite seized an amazing feeling of flying.Wind opened up her mind, making Margarita changed the most amazing way.Now, the reader gets the image is not shy of Margarita, a hostage situation and a true witch with a fiery temperament, ready to commit any act of a madman.

Flying past one of the houses, Margarita looks through the open windows and see the two swearing on household trifles women.Margarita says: "Both of you are good", indicating that the heroine will not be able to return to this empty life.She became a stranger to her.

then drew the attention of Margaret eight-story "house Dramlit".Margarita knows that it is here and live Latunsky.Immediately after this provocative character of the heroine turns into a witch frenzy.It was this man and killed the beloved Marguerite.She begins to take revenge Latunsky, and his apartment turns into a flooded mess of broken furniture and broken glass.Stop and reassure Marguerite at this point can not be nothing.Thus, the character brings to the world around her heartbreaking condition.In this case, the reader meets with the example of the use of alliteration, "ran down fragments," "went real rain", "furiously whistling", "the doorman ran out."Analysis of "The Master and Margarita" allows you to delve into the hidden meaning of the work.

Suddenly excesses witch comes to an end.She sees in the window of the third floor of a little boy in his crib.Frightened child is Margarita maternal feelings inherent in every woman.Together with them, she felt awe and tenderness.So, her state of mind after the bewildering defeat to normal.It is very relaxed and with a sense of accomplishment leaves off Moscow.It is easy to see the parallel in the description of the environment and the mood of Margarita.

heroine behaves fiercely and furiously, while in the bustling city, where life does not stop for one minute.But as soon as Margarita is surrounded by dewy meadows, ponds and verdant forests, she finds peace of mind and balance.Now it flies slowly, gently, reveling in flight and having the opportunity to enjoy all the charm of a moonlit night.

This analysis of the episode of "The Master and Margarita" shows that this episode played an important role in the novel.Here the reader watches the complete degeneration of Margarita.It is essential for it to commit acts in the future.