Analysis of the novel " Fathers and Sons "

In 1862, the fourth novel of the great writer Turgenev was published.The name of the novel - "Fathers and Sons."It fully reflected the political views of Turgenev and its direct relation to all the events taking place in Russia.Analysis of the novel "Fathers and Sons" will more fully enjoy all the thoughts and feelings of the author.Subject

two generations

In the novel "Fathers and Sons" reflect the theme of the two generations.She was inspired by the author of a fierce ideological struggle between democrats and liberals.This struggle was developed during the preparation of the peasant reform.Her description of the most detail gave Turgenev.Analysis of the novel "Fathers and Sons" is interesting in that when considering some episodes may be more acutely felt was reflected in the novel argument between two generations.It covers events such political activities as debates on history and philosophy, as well as the debate on the topic of science and art.

analysis works "Fathers and Sons" can begin with its name.The very title of the novel is often understood very simplified: the conflict commoners and aristocrats, the change of social ideology generations.However, Turgenev's novel "Fathers and Sons" is not confined to only one social sphere.It has a psychological and sound.To reduce the meaning of the novel only to ideology - to understand it "in Bazarov."Since he Bazarov believes that the whole point of modern times is the need to destroy the earth with everything that has been done, "fathers" and to discredit them with their morals and principles in the name of a very foggy "bright future".Analysis of the product, "Fathers and Sons" makes clear one of the most important problems in the development of the whole of humanity, disclosed in the product.This issue of paternity.Everyone over time aware of his spiritual link with the past, with their roots.Generational change - it is always a difficult and painful process."Children" take over from the "fathers" of the spiritual experience of mankind.Of course, they do not need to copy their "fathers".They need to rethink their creative credo.During the social upheaval reappraisal new generation takes much more severely and harshly than necessary.The results are always very tragic: too much is lost in a hurry and then too hard to make up for these problems.


heroes of the novel Of particular interest is the analysis of the characters."Fathers and Sons" - a work in which we meet such colorful characters as Bazarov and Pavel Kirsanov.Both believe that they know the answer to the question of how to implement reforms in the country.Each of them believe that it was his idea to bring prosperity to Russia.Party affiliation Bazarov and Kirsanov observed not only in manners, but also in clothing.The reader can learn Democrat on the peasant-plebeian simplicity of speech, for "bare red hand" and intentional negligence suit.Feature items aristocracy and democracy emphasizes the symbolic details.Pavel Kirsanov such detail is the smell of cologne.His strong attachment to the good smell gives the desire to move away from all the dirty, low, home, everything that occurs in life.Thus, the reader is presented geroiz antagonists.Their outlook is determined by fundamental and irreconcilable contradictions.

Analysis duel in the novel "Fathers and SonsĀ»

Let's do an analysis duel, "Fathers and Sons" include an episode in which Bazarov with his friend passing through Marino, St. Nicholas and his parents' home.In this trip the "new" Bazarov already waives intense ideological disputes with Kirsanov.Only sometimes he throws enough flat-liners, who have little resemblance to the former fireworks thoughts.Bazarov opposed to "cold civility" uncle.They are opposed to each other, but do not admit it even to themselves.Gradually the hostility changed to mutual interest.During this visit, Bazarov first decided to be curious and find out on what basis the arguments of his opponent.However, a stop in the house Kirsanovs turns to Bazarov duel.Duel asked Pavel Petrovich.He even took a stick to any means to make inevitable duel.The very fact of a call to a duel Kirsanov departed from its noble principles.After all, this aristocrat should not condescend to the commoner.At that time, the duel was considered an anachronism.Turgenev's novel draws a lot of funny and comical details.The duel begins with an invitation to the seconds Peter, who get the wind up to death.Ends tragicomic duel wound "in the thigh," Paul Kirsanov, which if purposely put on "white pants."The strength of the spirit inherent in both characters.The author noted this before.But it was a duel helped to overcome internal constraints.After the duel, and Bazarov, Kirsanov like change.So, Paul Petrovich becomes attractive alien before democracy.

Death Bazarov

In the novel "Fathers and Sons" analysis of the episode is the death of Bazarov special attention.Although the outcome of the duel ended safely, Paul has long been spiritually dead.Break the last thread of the life of his parting with Baubles.His opponent also dies.In the novel, it seems very insistent mention of the epidemic.She does not spare anyone, and from it there is no salvation.Despite this, the hero behaves as if cholera is not dangerous for him.Bazarov realized that he created for the astringent and bitter life of a revolutionary agitator.He was given the title as his calling.But at the end of the novel, he thinks, what to do next when the old ideas questioned, and science has not provided answers to the questions.Bazarov attempts to find truth in conversations with the unknown to him man, but did not find her.


Nowadays work "Fathers and Sons" is studied in all the schools and universities of the country humannity.generational antagonism problem is quite important, young people insist on their moral values, which are the "fathers" refuse to understand.To rastavit dot the "I", read this brilliant work of Turgenev.