An analysis of the poem "The Night "

working on the poem "Night", Mayakovsky was not yet affected by the revolutionary ideas of 1917.In the works of this period are increasingly pessimistic notes.If love is - the poor and heartrending if the city - it is only vicious, cruel and evil.He is a demon, he takes the soul of man, instead of giving corruption, the temptation of wealth and power.The poem "Night" describes just such a town.

analysis of the poem "Night": themes and images

poem consists of only four stanzas.But each of them reveals a separate topic.In the first pronounced urban lyric poet trends.Before us the night in all its bitterness.The streets and squares, alas, is not dominated by the majestic darkness that is so admired predecessors author.It fell under the yoke of a night of debauchery, entertainment and the illusion of a happy gay life.But the night - it's just the time of day.Cruel and treacherous it made the city.

protagonist as if only one notices the decline of society.He is alone in his reasoning.Allies not left alone executioners.

It seems as if he is in perpetual captivity.Even lanterns light does not illuminate the darkness for him and binds his feet in shackles.This is the second paragraph and a separate theme - the theme of self-bondage, hopelessness and loss of the topic itself.

But those around this lonely man?Crowd.It is not the people, and not people who gave their souls to the temptation and urban debauchery and turned into something unified and gray without their own "I".Hero compares the crowd with "pestrosherstoy fast cat", which publishes an unnatural laugh and fuming at the carnival sounds.A carnival so convenient for everyone in this crowd: it allows you to hide behind a mask and did not show true feelings, those of the soul.

Finally, the fourth stanza of the poem.It revelation of the poet, his recognition of his own solitude and heartbreaking sadness.It seeks to reach out to everyone, to see a lot of people.But "gray cat" do not want someone who does not agree to live by the harsh laws of the city.The crowd continued to fun and laughter, without noticing a living soul.The hero realizes that he is completely alone.He wants to escape, to get away from the laughing masks, but is well aware that the flight is meaningless."Epidemic" of the whole city is covered.Thus, another subject that tries to uncover the poet - is a topic of their own "I", or more precisely, his nullity.

By the way, Vladimir Mayakovsky revolt against the grayness and obscurity was reflected not only in the works.Poet and in life tried to look into the face of the crowd, behaved provocatively and extravagant (wore bright clothes that do not meet the fashion, the voice of indecent and impudent rhymes of his own).That such contemporaries knew him - a literary bully in the yellow jacket.

Analysis of Mayakovsky's poem "Night": composition

  • Rhyming: cross (ABAB), when the pair combined odd and even lines.
  • poetic dimensions - dactyl.Rhyming "Night" is trĐĹhslozhnuyu foot, where the stress falls on the first syllable.
  • Features of construction of the poem.In the work the author uses:
    • epithets (crimson, and white);
    • metaphors (black palms escape windows);
    • comparisons (like yellow wound, lights).

It looks like one of the following analysis of the poem "Night".This treatment works to help at a seminar on literature, writing essays or expand the boundaries of understanding of Vladimir Mayakovsky.