An analysis of the poem " Monument "

great Russian poet Alexander Pushkin is known for his creativity to every schoolchild.An analysis of the poem "Monument" is an important element in the understanding of his work and his personal outlook.Each of the five stanzas of the poem is filled with special meaning and gives the reader food for thought.According to the general mood and tone of the poem can be safely regarded as a solemn message to his contemporaries as it citizen and poet rolled into one.The genre is like a Greco-Roman ode.It is because of this, the poet picked up the construction of the poem, special words and intonation.

Already in the first stanza of the poem with the analysis of "Monument" poet emphasizes his nationality, he said that his creativity has erected a monument that towers over delivered in honor of Alexander I of Alexandria pillar.It is known that Pushkin is a recognized genius of the pen, not only on the territory of Russia.Of his poetic immortality, he says the words, that people's path to it does not heal over time.He says that will be continued in his work, is still alive at least one poet.At the same time he wrote what would become known not only in Russia, but he read and distant Finn and wild Tungus.This is followed by an explanation of the poet himself about why he is loved.He says that the good feelings aroused his poems and praise the freedom of the people.However, at the end he says that among other things, requires no praise and glory, its main purpose - it works, is his muse.

In the analysis of the poem "Monument" AS Pushkinit becomes clear that this is a result of his career, which he leads.Landmark is the fact that it was written just a year before the poet's death.Despite the fact that the poem has a clear construction of Greco-Roman odes, it is full of intimate heart, native Russian words.That's what makes it even more popular and dear to the heart of every Russian.At first glance, it would seem contradictory thoughts on the rise of himself as a poet to the indifference to the admission, have absolutely logical sequence.Man recognizes that, towering in his rebelliousness, he comes to the divine vocation of the work.

AS CreationPushkin is immortal wealth of the Russian people.His poems, thanks to the deep sense, will be interesting and respected not only among our contemporaries, but also our children and grandchildren.