An analysis of the poem "Homeland"

Many poets dealt with in his work patriotic themes.Mikhail Lermontov in this sense is not an exception.His poem "Homeland" is still a role model.

analysis of Lermontov's poem "Homeland" is necessary to begin treatment with the product name.Title immediately gives us to understand that we will go to the theme of patriotism.The peculiarity of the disclosure of this theme is that Mikhail wrote not just about patriotism, as a general concept, and makes a public court their own personal experiences.Contrasting their patriotism official, stereotypical, he says that the hard bound and with the Russian people, and with our nature.Calling his overflowing love for the motherland "strange", Lermontov explains this hatred of the official, autocratic Russia, "country gentlemen."Such patriotic sentiment characteristic of the prose and poetry of his contemporaries-revolutionaries.


can not do analysis of "Homeland" poem without mentioning the comments of known critics of the time.Dob considered the poem "full expression of true patriotism.""Holy and reasonable" Lermontov's love for the motherland in all its glory appears before the readers.But it is not so simple and that love is blind.Many people may be surprised that neither the military glory of power, nor even the "dark antiques cherished tradition" not close to him.What, then, so selflessly loves a poet?People's love lives in his heart: "roads in the villages by love to ride in the cart ...".This little poem perfectly sincere reveals all the lofty patriotism of Mikhail Lermontov.

Literary agents

Written in 1841 poem retains a young Lermontov language.But romantic expressiveness are no longer visible in the works of that period.At this time, the poet does not resort to the use of a huge number of epithets, exclamatory and interrogative sentences.There is inherent in the work of deployed metaphors.The language of "Homeland" a simple, lively and laid-back.This is achieved, and the proximity to the spoken language, ie the closeness of the people.The poet renounces romantic view.Nature, which, in his own words, so inextricably linked Lermontov describes reality.

poem built "from the general to the particular."Since thoughts of power, Lermontov gradually transferred to the Russian village.In connection with this change and rhyme and poetic dimension.In the first stanza, and we can see the ring, and crisscross, and the pair rhyme, in the last stanza is only present-across.

Thus, the poem "Homeland" is a great example of how much you need to love their country.