Analysis of the " Russian " poem

Alexander Blok - one of the most famous Russian poets and sincere.He could not simply admire his country, but also with the help of his poetry to point to state the problem, it is to emphasize the points that romance always try to hide.An analysis of the poem "Russia", first of all, I want to start with its semantic load.

Influence tipping time

unit worked at crucial times between the 19th and 20th centuries, when the future of our country has not yet been determined.However, he did not lose hope for a brighter future of Russia, and wrote about in his poem.Blok poem analysis "Russia" is also interesting that we can say for sure: The block compares the love of his homeland with the love of a woman.And therefore can only admire his country, as a woman, but in any case not to feel sorry for her.

unit sees inaction authorities

Block writes about "the outback", stressing that life remains the same, and no global changes it never affected.There will always be "lax track" and impoverished Russia.Particularly interesting line: "Which magician want to ... give Rogue beauty."Here, the "magician" refers to the state governor and the unit has in mind that whoever comes to power, the result will remain the same, and no trouble will not make the country's rulers to act.

hope for a brighter future is not quenched

The line, which speaks about "instant look from under her shawl," the author is referring to is still not fading hopes for a brighter future for any changes.The poem itself begins and ends way road, which can be associated with ongoing at the time the changes in the state.Even changes may one day be pleasant, according to the author, as said, it would be happiness, even against the "deaf song coachman."

size and construction of the poem

This poem is written in plain iambic tetrameter.The stanzas in the poem "Russia" - quatrains (quatrains), where lines rhyme naperekrest.The first and third lines rhyme feminine rhyme, and the second and fourth, respectively, male.

Application epithets

To achieve a strong expressiveness, Block has resorted to a wide range of epithets: "spokes painted", "hut gray", "Wind Song", "longing cautious", "features beautiful", "distance road" and so on.d.Also epithets in a large number of the poem there are colorful comparisons, which are created by the author on the basis of an oxymoron that is, based on phrases that are made up of the unity of opposites.For example, the phrase "The road is long light" in this poem is an oxymoron, since a long journey can never be easy.

Make analysis of the poem "Russia" is not easy."Russia" - is one of the most soulful poems Blok, it is filled with light sadness about the fate of the people.In his poetry, the author sadly, watching poverty and disaster beloved country, unable to do anything, and he can only hope for the best.