Analysis of "Rus" poem

Doing poem "Rus" analysis, it is impossible not to mention in what era he lived Alexander Blok, because it is the theme of Russia of the XIX century is displayed in all his works.The main events of that time prompted the poet of patriotism and extraordinary touch with the people.

poet Alexander Blok felt obliged to display on paper everything that happened with the great Russia, with its tradition and history.His perception of the country as his own huge creature, like a man who does not allow to doubt his boundless love for the people and faith in the country.By the way, then the faith of the people were few, it was a hard time.

poem "Rus" the poet wrote September 24, 1906.This poem describes and marshes, and cranes, and he eyes the wizard.Ancient traditions of Russia itself played no small role in the creation of works of "Rus".

theme, main ideas and their interpretation

Doing the analysis "Rus" of the poem, we see that in his work, Alexander Blok shows Russia as something spiritual and secret, which is in tragically dormant.His line:

"doze - and nap secret And in secret - you shall sleep, Russ."

Describe far from perfect representation of Russia, on the contrary, with all its mystery, it is barbed and snowy.This island, which is inhabited by witches, devils and devilish power that it represents in the images of the blizzard and bare twigs.But such

before us is only the first part, the second one represents the real events of Russia, which during the "fracture" is filled with the tears of the people, and each individually hopes its own, different from the other, a happy life.Then again:

"doze - and nap mystery and Russia dies in secret."

Actually, many poets while immersed in his fantasies and more focused their attention to the unusual still wild, which reigned in every corner of Russia to forget about the fact that while the country was poor, but the people miserable.And Blok writes:

"Where veduny with Soothsayer

enchant cereals in the fields."

And the people he describes free:

"Where raznolikogo nations

Lead night dances."

He is trying to convey to the people of the tragic and comic at the same time the position of Russia and of the people, describing:

"And there, spending the night in the cemetery,

Long time and kept singing the songs."

analyzing the poem "Rus" Bloc, and we note that the author displays a Russian woman with whom to be gentle and tender:

"She is extraordinary in dreams

Her clothes do not touch.".

composition poem

All poem steeped in rhythmic alternation of sounds [a] and [o], consists of eleven verses (quatrains).Each quatrain rhyme with each other first and third storchki, second and fourth (cross-rhyme - ABAB).Poetic size - pentameter.

Analysis "Rus" Blok's poem can be found in a variety of interpretations.All this is because everyone perceives a poem based on the subjective point of view.But nothing sverhzagadochnogo there not here displayed a great love of the author for his country, which has experienced many turning points.

But at the same time people believed in it, in spite of everything, and was devoted to the great Russian, until recently, everyone was ready to give his life for the country and its development.Therein lies the whole tragic and mysterious side of the country, where people continue to believe in the good, while "..vedmi amuse with devils ...."