What is the atmosphere ?

What is the atmosphere ?

What air, what is the atmosphere that gives us the air?We live, breathe, go to work, have fun, play sports, and rarely think about what sustains life in us.In addition to food and water, without which you can live for a while without air a person condemned to death in a few minutes.

What is the atmosphere

concept of the atmosphere comes from the Greek word "steam" and "ball".That is, the ball of the pair, or rather correct to say Geosphere - the gaseous envelope surrounding the planet.

  • inner surface of the geosphere and hydrosphere covers partially the earth's crust, the outer part of the border of the near-Earth space part.Thanks to the atmosphere that surrounds our planet, life appeared here.

By its composition, the Earth's atmosphere is very different from what surrounds the other planets of the solar system.

  • atmosphere has a layered structure.The densest layer of air, which is adjacent to the surface, it troposphere, where the main part of nitrogen and oxygen.There are more than 4/5 of the Earth's atmosphere.
  • Next is the tropopause and stratosphere.In the stratosphere, air molecules under the effect of cosmic rays are converted into ozone to form the ozone layer, which is located at a distance of 30-40 kilometers above the ground.
  • above is mesosphere, thermosphere and exosphere.
  • oxygen-nitrogen composition of the Earth's atmosphere is preserved to a height of approximately 500 km.Above predominates in the helium atmosphere.

Earth's atmosphere protects us from the extreme ultraviolet radiation, extreme temperatures, meteors and other celestial "guests".It gives us a chance to breathe, and thus to live.Therefore, concern for environmental safety of our planet, preserving the purity of our Earth's atmosphere, one of the main challenges facing scientists.

What pollutes the atmosphere

Man pollutes the atmosphere for thousands of years, but have not yet started a breakthrough in science and technology, which occurred in the XIX -XX century, the consequences of his vital functions were insignificant.Even a relatively large concentration of people in a small area, as it was in the Middle Ages, was not accompanied by serious consequences.

Over the past 100-150 years, the rapid development of the industry "bestowed" we have such advanced technology, the consequences of which it is hardly possible to realize the end.There were cities where millions of people are concentrated and which continue to grow steadily.

create all the new and new production capacity, developing production of valuable and rare earth metals such as nickel, lead, and so on, the production of which is not only disastrously pollutes the atmosphere, but also increases the incidence of people such terrible illnesses such as cancer, tuberculosis, skindisease.

All this is the result of great human inventions and conquests, which leads to pollution of the atmosphere.

discovery of the neutron, led to the creation of the neutron bomb, killing all life.Extraction of oil into the sea, leading to environmental catastrophes.

The main sources of air pollution, it is the enterprise-related fuel and energy sector, manufacturing industry, here also applies modern transportation.80% of the emissions of all - is the emissions of sulfur dioxide, carbon oxides, hydrocarbons, nitrogen and solids.One of the most numerous classes of substances that pollute the air in large cities, are hydrocarbons.


dangerous air pollution Atmospheric pollution is dangerous, it can lead to the greenhouse effect, ozone depletion, acid rain, photochemical smog.And it threatens the loss of humanity and the Earth.