What is alliteration ?

What is alliteration ?

article will talk about what is alliteration.First, let us define the concept, and then move on to the examples.Alliteration - a repetition of the same consonants, that gives special expressiveness of sound text.

Under alliteration meant quite frequent use of certain consonants throughout the text or in its certain interval.On the alliteration does not say that if the audio replay - a consequence of repeat morpheme.

Alliteration in proverbs and sayings

Many proverbs are built on alliteration:

  • Meli, Emelya, your week;
  • from pot two inches;
  • a piece of cake;
  • Worldly fame - sea wave;
  • Behold the root.

reception alliteration in tongue twisters

alliteration rich as our tongue twisters:

  • Buy pile peak;
  • Quail perepelenala perepelŃ‘nka;
  • Reader honors reading;
  • Three drovoruba chop wood;
  • two Wari came to Clara;
  • Package for popcorn;
  • trees have needles splitting;
  • I praise halva.

Alliteration in Russian literature

That is the alliteration in the literature, it is necessary to speak directly to the examples.

  1. Already in the "Lay" is found this method:

    "Blow ye the trumpet in Novegrade, styazi stand in Putivl ...".

  2. But Nekrasov describes Volga:

    "Volga, Volga, abounding in the spring ...".

  3. often alliteration is onomatopoeia.Here, for example, a few lines from a poem Derzhavin:

    "roars echo through the mountains ...".

    Here the poet seeks to recreate the menacing rumble of the elements.

  4. Obviously, symbolist poetry cultured alliteration.However, there is often a sense of proportion is violated.Alliteration sometimes pretentious and pushy.Balmont's poem "canoe longing" is built on the alliterative sounds:

    ".. Evening Seashore wind sighs ...

    ... Close storm the shore beats

    stranger to the charms of the black canoe ...".

  5. There is the concept of "alliterative verse."It required sound repetitions in certain places of the poem, for example, in the initial syllables.Kyrgyz epic "Manas" (translated L.Penkovsky) is an example of alliteration anaphoric:

    "heaps of gold we rowed,

    Cunha hats were on us,

    Sash silk were we ..."

What is alliteration,the examples in this article illustrate very clearly.So you will not be difficult to see this technique in the text.