An analysis of the poem "I remember a wonderful moment ... "

impossible to imagine a Russian man who would have never heard of these lines.Analysis of Pushkin's poem "I remember a wonderful moment" carries a lot of famous literary-Pushkinists.The mite introduce into the process and we will.

poem History

poem written in memory of a passionate, stormy, but short romance between the poet and Anna Kern, what had happened to them in the summer of 1825.Later Anna passed the poem text Delvig, who published it in "Northern Flowers".It's amazing how a small work of Pushkin was able to show the development and changes in their feelings for a woman for several years!

Anna remembered that she had found a sheet with a poem between the pages of small volumes of "Onegin".Presenting the book, the author, according to her statement, suddenly embarrassed and tried to pick up the text.Some literary critics saw in this confirmation a fit of passionate feelings of the poet, others suggested that Pushkin dedicated a poem is not a particular woman, and a certain collective image as a truly loved only muse.

Pushkinists third group came to the conclusion that, while moving away from the romanticism, the poet was trying to find a new, more simple paint to express feelings, was in search of a more realistic ways of his creative expression.To carry out these still fairly vague ideas in the field of love poetry was not easy, and therefore had to quote Pushkin Zhukovsky elegiac lines of "genius pure beauty", avoiding being misunderstood.

poem analysis

Versification works - iambic pentameter with cross-rhyme.In the poem - a clear rhythm, and musical composition.

poem is arranged on a three-part form:

  • Sweet heart the memory of the former love;
  • Sadness years past without love;
  • hymn of love, in spite of everything returning from the depths of past years.

Each piece stands out strong emotions lyrical, his tired soul to recruit new forces, inspired, is preparing for a new creative victories.According to the creative impulse, the passion, the pressure of feelings, "I remember a wonderful moment" finds no equal in Russian poetry.

analysis of the poem "I remember a wonderful moment" suggests the question: why Pushkin's masterpiece so near the heart of the Russian people?The secret is found in the choice of words: most of them are abstract concepts that activates the imagination and individual associations in the listener (reader).

Thus formed the collective image of the ideal woman.Portrait of a favorite is not transferred to the specific details of clothing, facial features or shapes, and abstract concepts.This is life, love, tears, god, inspiration.Together, they form an image, certainly beautiful, but individually for each!Although the author of the question is not so much about a particular favorite, but about the state of mind of lyrical.Due to their love life, he admires and enjoys the creativity.Danae part can be attributed to the category of the poem philosophical and psychological lyrics.

Concluding the analysis of the poem "I remember a wonderful moment", we see that love, which is a source of inspiration for Pushkin and the meaning of life, in the case of Anna Kern is transformed into a powerful source of new life and creative powers, until then dozing in the quiet of Mikhailovsky.