What is "The Tale of a toad and a rose ?"

The plot works of VM Garshin "Tales of the toad and the rose" is simple enough.But before you understand the depth of the thoughts of the author, it is necessary to tell about "The Tale of a toad and a rose."


Let's look at a summary.Toad and Rose lived in the same abandoned flower garden.The garden used to play a little boy, but now, when the rose bloomed, he was lying in bed and died.Nasty Toad hunting at night and during the day lay among the flowers.The smell of lovely roses irritated her, and she decided to eat it.Rose it greatly feared, as did not want to die a death.And in that moment, when she had almost reached the flower, the sister of the boy went to cut a rose to give her sick child.The girl tossed insidious toad.The boy, smelling a flower, has died.Rose stood by his coffin, and then to dry it in the book.

Analysis tales

Now let's try to make a brief analysis of the tale.Toad and Rose are two opposites: a terrible and beautiful.Lazy and disgusting toad with its hatred of all tall and handsome, and rose as the embodiment of goodness and joy, is an example of the eternal struggle between two opposites - good and evil.

We see this from the way the author picks adjectives to describe each character.With all due rose is beautiful, sublime, soulful.Toad also represents a manifestation of vile human qualities: laziness, stupidity, greed, rage.

On the proposal of the author's tale, the evil will never be able to defeat the good and beauty, both external and internal, will rescue our filled with a variety of human shortcomings world.Despite the fact that the end of the work, and rose, and loving boy flowers die, but their departure is sad, though, and a little light feelings with readers, as they both loved beautiful.

In addition, the death of the last flower has brought joy to the dying child, she brightened up the last minutes of his life.And she rose was glad I died doing good, most of all she was afraid to die by vile toad, hating her with all my guts.And just for that, we can be grateful to the noble and beautiful flower.

Thus, this short tale teaches readers to strive for the beautiful and the good, ignore and avoid evil in all its forms, to be beautiful not only outside, but also, above all, in the soul.