What is "The Tale of the Golden Cockerel " ?

О чем "Сказка о золотом петушке"?

Probably, many wondered about "The Tale of the Golden Cockerel" ASPushkin.And indeed, this tale of mystery and surprises with its versatility.Kids scary tale tragic ending and adult puzzles uncertainty and unusual way.

Tale "Golden Cockerel": summary

Once upon a time there was a king Dadon.Enemies are constantly plagued him, but while he was young, all the attacks successfully reflected.However, the king was getting old, and deter the enemy he was getting heavier.To help him come to one astrologer who gave the king the golden cockerel.Cock previously announced to when and where to wait for the enemy, which gave the king the ability to prepare for and meet the enemy head-on.In gratitude, the king promised to the sage to fulfill his every desire.

And once again cock warned the king about the enemy, which will appear from the east.The king gathered an army and rushed there, but on arrival saw that the enemy is already someone defeated.Battlefield completely was covered with dead bodies.Killed and his two sons.In the tent he saw the maiden.It was Shamahanskaya queen.Her beauty was the cause of so many deaths.The soldiers could not share it at loggerheads and to death.

Shamahanskaya girl captivates with its beauty and the king who takes her to his palace.Upon his arrival in the capital came to him and asked the astrologer to the king gave him Shamahanskaya queen for what he gave the king the golden cockerel.Dadon offended, lost his temper and hit on the head with a rod of an astrologer.He died.At this time, the golden cockerel flew off the roofs and pecked benevolent king, from which he died instantly.Shamahanskaya queen vanished as if it had never existed.Cock also disappeared.

"The Tale of the Golden Cockerel": analysis

This tale Pushkin wrote in 1834.It was the last tale of the author.The plot was based on the novel B. Irving (American writer) "Legend of the Arabian Astrologer".

Because of the playful form narrative and ironic tone to describe the king Dadon (in the absence of any clarification from the author), "The Tale of the Golden Cockerel" has become a stumbling block for many critics.Despite the comic style of writing, the options were varied interpretations.It even sought political themes -. Allusion to the author's personal attitude to Nicholas I, etc. But in fact it was simple.Pushkin wrote the tale in a humorous context, the theme of danger and destructiveness of women and women's charms."The Tale of the Golden Cockerel" fully compatible with existing folklore ironic stories, tales and anecdotes on the theme of female beauty, which is worse than any enemy.

We have considered only one of many possible interpretations of this tale.After all, as you know, how many people, so many opinions.Perhaps you have a different view on this product.