What is gravity ?

What is gravity ?

word "gravity" came to us from the Latin language, it literally means "heaviness."Even if you do not know what gravity is, rest assured that you will encounter this phenomenon every day, even now.

try to understand this term.

Meaning of

gravity, or as it is called attraction or gravitation, is full cooperation between all material bodies on the ground.This unique phenomenon has been described by many scientists.For example, special attention is paid to this issue by Isaac Newton.He even created a theory, which today is called the theory of gravitation of Newton.

It Newton said that gravity is associated with gravity.The essence of this phenomenon Newton explained this way: to any body attached gravity, the source of which - another body.In his law of universal gravitation, Newton determined that all of the body communicate with each other with a force directly proportional to the product of the masses of the bodies, and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them.

Interestingly, no matter what the size of a body, it can generate a gravitational field.For example, objects in space, such as galaxies, stars and planets can create a large enough gravitational field.

Gravity affects all objects in the universe.Thanks to it there are such large effects such as scaling of the universe, the formation and operation of the black holes and galactic structure.

Other theories

gravitational phenomena are described mathematically as Aristotle.He believed that the rate of fall of bodies affects their weight.Object weighs more than the faster it falls.It was only hundreds of years later, Galileo Galilei proved by experiments that this theory is wrong.When there is no air resistance, all bodies are accelerated equally.

In the early XX century on the gravity began to speak all known at this time, Albert Einstein.He created a general theory of relativity, which has become more accurately describe the phenomenon of gravitation.Einstein explained that gravity effects are caused by the deformation of space-time, which is connected with the presence of the mass-time.This theory is currently the most correct, it has been proved experimentally.

Is it possible to "overcome" gravity?In mysticism so many arguments on this subject.It is believed that some people are endowed with supernatural powers, can overcome gravity and soar into the air, ie,levitate.For more information on the phenomenon of levitation, see the article What is levitation.