What is radiation?

What is radiation?

For those who are not familiar with physics, or just starting to learn it, the question of what radiation is complex.But with the physical phenomenon we encounter almost every day.Simply put, the radiation - a process of propagation of energy in the form of electromagnetic waves or particles, in other words, the energy waves traveling around.

radiation source and types

source of electromagnetic waves can be both artificial and natural.For example, the artificial radiation include X-rays.

feel the radiation can be, even without leaving the house: one has only to hold his hand over a burning candle, and soon you will feel the heat radiation.It can be called heat, but apart from him in physics there are several types of radiation.Here are some of them:

  • UV - radiation is a person can feel for yourself while sunbathing in the sun.
  • X-rays have the shortest waves are called X-rays.
  • Infrared rays can even see people, an example of this - the usual children's laser.This type of radiation is formed by the coincidence of microwave radio signals and visible light.Most infrared radiation is used in physiotherapy.
  • Radioactive radiation is produced during the decay of radioactive chemical elements.Learn more about the radiation can be from the article What is radiation.
  • optical radiation - it is nothing like the light emission of light in a broad sense.
  • gamma radiation - the form of electromagnetic radiation with a short wavelength.Used, for example, in radiotherapy.

Scientists have long known that some of the radiation detrimental effect on the human body.How strong is this influence depends on the duration and the radiation power.If a long time to expose themselves to radiation, which may lead to changes at the cellular level.All electronic equipment that surrounds us, whether it's a mobile phone, computer or microwave oven - all this has an impact on health.Therefore, care must be taken not to expose themselves to unnecessary radiation.

If you are interested in the concept of "exposure" to learn about it can be from the article What is irradiation.