What is induction ?

What is induction ?

Let's reveal the essence of the concept of "induction" in its different senses, and give examples.Particular attention is paid within the meaning of induction in physics.So, what is induction?Induction concept applies not only to the physical quantity.Let us consider the induction in physics.Induction in her distinguished in three main categories.Induction is electromagnetic, electric and magnetic.In simple terms, the induction can give the following definition.Induction - is the relationship between the magnetic flux and electric current.

What is the magnetic induction

Magnetic induction - is a vector quantity.It is a characteristic of the power of the magnetic field.That is, a magnetic field and magnetic flux density are the same components.Use of magnetic induction can determine with what force the magnetic field acts on the charge.A force may vary depending on the size or charge, respectively, of the magnetic induction.

What is electromagnetic induction

Electromagnetic induction - a phenomenon that occurs when an electric current enters the closed circuit.Precondition is a change in magnetic flux passing through the closed loop.It was only possible with closed-loop determination of electromagnetic induction.Electromagnetic induction discovered by Michael Faraday, the famous physicist.

What is the magnetic field

From physics class 8 course we know that the magnetic flux density generated by an electric current.Him we find only action on the current-carrying conductors.How to determine the magnitude and direction of the magnetic induction?The module and the direction of the magnetic induction vector is determined by the influence of the magnetic field.The magnetic field is certainly a force field.The magnetic field affects the current frame c.It is placed in a certain or predetermined point of the magnetic field.The magnetic field is definitely a force field.It acts on the electric charges which are in motion.

Also, the magnetic field acts on the body are magnetic.It does not depend on the state of their movement, because the magnetic field is considered crucial.

What is the deduction and induction of

in humanities, philosophy and logic is such thing as a "deduction" and "induction".They often use and we use these concepts.

What is this deduction

How we think?Many of us make conclusions depending on the way of thinking that allows you to draw conclusions from the general discussion in private.As it can be understood in practice?A popular example of deduction: since there is a stable expression of all women love with their ears, that to my woman I fell in love I need to tell her compliments.Another example of deduction: Since today the sea is warm and calm, the sea, and tomorrow will be warm and spokoynym.Sherlok Hill used the method of deduction.

What is induction

In this process, we think and build inferences from the particular to the general.Classical female logic: since I changed Bob, Peter fled, Oleg was lost, then all men goats.That is based on the specifics, we generalize and make inferences.But is it true?All we have in mind.Another example of inductive reasoning: because Americans are mortal, that all men are mortal!The inductive method is used Bacon.He was repelled by concrete evidence and made a general conclusion.