What is cavitation ?

What is cavitation ?

Recently, use of the term "cavitation" is gaining momentum.This is due to the fact that it was used for cosmetic purposes. But that means the concept and where it is still used, describe in this article.

Cavitation in various sectors

cavitation concept is used in several industries:

  • physics and mechanics;
  • medicine.

Cavitation mechanics

In order to understand what is cavitation in terms of mechanics, the result is the following definition: "Cavitation - a process in which steam is formed, and subsequently the condensation of vapor bubbles.This process is accompanied by water hammer and noise. "

cavitation appears due to a decrease in the pressure of any liquid which may occur for various reasons, for example because of the speed or during the passage of the acoustic wave with high intensity.When the impact bubble moves along with the flow to a place with a very large and high pressure, it shrinks and forms a shock wave in the process.

Cavitation mechanics appears only in the place where there is the necessary condition.Cavitation can adversely affect the hydraulic turbine, fluid couplings, dampers and propellers.But at the same time, this process can bring, and some benefit.For example, in the military industry cavitation is used for torpedo.When they enveloped cavitation bubbles, their speed is greatly increased.Such is called torpedo sverhkavitatsionnymi.

Cavitation medicine

From a medical or a cosmetic point of view of the cavitation can be said, as a new cardinal and modern methods of getting rid of excess fat.Thanks to her, you can quickly get rid of excess weight, and to solve this problem permanently.

In our time, cavitation is used in the fields of medicine:

  • dentistry;
  • nephrology;
  • cosmetology.

In addition, this process is suitable for cure and treatment of purulent wounds, to create an inhaled mixture, and the emulsion and disinfection solutions.

Cosmetic procedures

In cosmetology cavitation procedure - quite pleasant process.When the waist and hips get rid of excess fat, a person feels pleasant relaxation and warmth.

To understand how to act Cavitation can get rid of excess fat, it is possible to give an example with a bottle of vegetable oil.If it is a good stir, then top to form bubbles that burst.We can say that a similar process occurs in human adipose cells when the body affect the person of a certain frequency ultrasound.In this process, microscopic bubbles are generated in human adipose cells, when they burst, the energy is released.It can destroy the membrane of fat cells.When the fat becomes liquid, it gets into the blood and lymph and therefore subsequently removed from the body naturally.

It should be noted that the procedure is cavitation only therapeutic method which is applicable to a direct effect on the fat cells.Currently this method is a serious competitor liposuction surgically.

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