What made cigarettes ?

What made cigarettes ?

Everyone has long known that sigara- poison.How then to explain the fact that smokers are alive and well?The fact is that cigarette is not able to kill you immediately.As part of a cigarette does not contain a sufficient amount of toxic substances that could kill you instantly.Thus, suicide smoothly flows from the instant process, long.Let's look at this article from which the cigarettes are made, how they affect the body, and what happen.Maybe by reading this information, you reconsider your attitude to smoking and want to live a healthy lifestyle.

composition of cigarettes from tobacco

Keep in mind that the cigarette manufacturers ever will not write the whole truth on the packs, that for the substances contained within.Did you know that one cigarette contains about four substances, and some of them are very heavy and toxic.

Here are some of them:

  • ammonia (due to the substance, the cigarette does not go off, and the nicotine is absorbed into the blood faster).
  • toluene (This solvent used in the industry).
  • acetic acid (entering the respiratory tract, mucous membranes and disrupts promotes the formation of ulcers and burns).
  • stearic acid (affects all airways and is part of the soot).
  • nitrobenzene (very toxic gas, which has a negative effect on the circulatory system).
  • nickel, formaldehyde, cadmium, etc.

And this is not the entire list.It contains almost thirty items that are particularly dangerous for human health.Inside there are even poisonous cigarettes, warfare agents.

Smokers are very mistaken when they think that the composition of cigarettes is only tobacco.This illusion is created by the chemicals that soaked wick.And they create the taste of tobacco.Due to chemicals, "filling" a pack of cigarettes, manufacturers have reduced production costs almost kopecks.

Ingredients e cigarette

It has become fashionable to quit smoking regular cigarettes to electronic.Let's see, what does consist of electronic cigarettes.Inside the cartridge

electronic cigarette smoking provides a liquid which includes propylene glycol, glycerin food (concentration of approximately 69.4%).Propylene glycol, a smoker's body, is converted into lactic acid.It is non-toxic and completely harmless (because lactic acid is not dangerous).The chemical name of the substance sounds like 1,2 propanediol, or 1,2 propylene glycol.It is a colorless transparent oily liquid, which has a characteristic smell and a slightly sweet taste.


should know that if it enters the human body, propylene glycol is not able to cause poisoning.Because it is different from other glycols and non-toxic.In many countries of the world propylene glycol is included in the composition of cosmetic, medicines, perfumes, and is also found in food.


Propylene glycol is widely used in industrial, food, aviation, chemical, automotive and paint areas.It has individual characteristics (absence of toxic substances), and is used in the pharmaceutical and perfume industries.In the food industry it is used as a component with the properties of the sweetener and humectant.It is because of propylene glycol, the products have the ability to be stored for a long time and not lose its moisture.In the food industry, it is known as E1520.

Now you know what is in a cigarette.Consider whether you want all these harmful and hazardous substances to poison your body.