When the Second World War ?

When the Second World War ?

Great World War II ... Who knows about it everyone.There was no war on our planet larger than this, and we hope that will not happen.Sixty-one state took part in the Second World War, at the time it was about 80% of the world population.

best minds of science is still engaged in the study of World War II.There are many controversial issues, for example, when World War II began.Officially Start Date - September 1, 1939.Third Reich declared war on Poland.Then the war has gone on development, different states entered into it slowly and gradually declared war on his opponents.Russia, then the Soviet Union declared war on Finland November 30, 1939, and June 22, 1941 Third Reich began military actions against our country.This war will end September 2, 1945.

Background of war

would seem, that's the official start date of the war, what is the meaning of her disputes?It turns out, not so simple.Germany turns long before 1939 was preparing for a major war, so the official date is not quite true.Background of the Second World War must be sought much earlier.It all started with having been approved by the Hitler regime in power in Germany, and other countries this is not prevented.

first attempts of aggression of Germany can be found in Northeast China (1931), Ethiopia (1935), Spain (1936).And even these years will not be an absolute beginning of German aggression.Eyeballs, as many scientists to look for June 28, 1919, when the part of Germany and other countries signed the Treaty of Versailles on the outcome of the First World War.The agreement assumes that Germany, in comparison with other countries, human rights were less.Germany had to give to other countries conquered territory, including in those countries were Belgium, France, Poland, West Prussia.Great benefits were victorious countries, among which Germany was not included.

later came to power leader-dictator Adolf Hitler, who had successfully unfolded its Nazi activities.The greater the power of Hitler grew, the more there is of attacks on other countries from Germany.In addition to the attacks, Germany has ceased to comply with the agreement between the two countries, and Hitler at this time, along with his assistants created the plan for the seizure of foreign territories.All this eventually led to the outbreak of the Second World War.But when World War II started, you already know.