Who is Omar Khayyam ?

Who is Omar Khayyam ?

Today we will tell you about the person, famous worldwide for its quatrains, which are called "Rubaiyat".He also is known for having built in algebra and classification of cubic equations with the help of conic sections gave their solutions.We'll tell you in detail, who is Omar Khayyam.In short, it is a Persian philosopher, mathematician, astrologer, astronomer and poet, and if the details, then we should start with his childhood.

Childhood Omar Khayyam

This great man was born in Nishapur in campers family.Interested in astronomy, philosophy and mathematics, Omar began as far back as eight years old, and four years later he became a student of madrasas Nishapur.Boy perfectly completed a course on medicine and Islamic law and qualified as a doctor, but this profession is not particularly interested in Omar.He began to study the works of astronomer and mathematician Thabit ibn Qurra and Greek mathematicians.

sixteen at Khayyam during the epidemic's father and mother died.The young man sold the shop, the house and went to Samarkand, which at that time was known as a cultural and scientific center.In Samarkand, he became a teacher, and then moved to Bukhara, where he worked in book stores and simultaneously wrote treatises on mathematics.For ten years in Bukhara, the scientist wrote in mathematics four fundamental treatise.

In 1074 Omar Khayyam, whose biography is so saturated, - is the spiritual mentor of the Sultan, and even a couple of years - the head of the palace observatory.Working in it, Omar became a famous astronomer.Together with other scientists, he developed a solar calendar.

In 1092, when patronized Omar Sultan died, and ended this period of his life at the court of Malik Shah.Omar was accused of godless freethinker, astronomer and left the capital of the Seljuk.


Most Khayyam is famous for its wise, full of humor and audacity quatrains - Ruban.They were forgotten for a long time, but later his work was revived thanks to the translation by Edward Fitzgerald.


In this area Khayyam also left a significant contribution.He is the "Treatise on algebra problems and almukabala evidence."In this work you can find the classification of equations, as well as the solution of the first, second and third degrees.


Khayyam had a chance to lead a group of astronomers of Isfahan, which developed the solar calendar.Its main purpose is to more stringent binding to the beginning of the year and the vernal equinox.The new calendar was named after Sultan "Jalali".Number of days in the months in the calendar varied depending on how the sun enters in any zodiacal sign, and could range from twenty-nine to thirty-two days.