When the First World War ?

When the First World War ?

In those days, when the First World War (28 July 1914), more than four million people have been drawn into military action from the very first days.During the four years that it lasted, it was involved in a war thirty states.In the army of the warring parties, there were more than 70 million. Man.

In those years, when she was the First World War, in Africa, Europe, Asia, the waters of the seven seas and three oceans were covered by the fire of war, disaster and hardship.

shots that made the terrorists in Sarajevo, were similar to the abandoned match in gunpowder warehouse, they provoked consequences unrivaled both on the social impact, and on a global scale.

When the end of the first World War, which lasted more than 1,560 days, in some countries there were powerful explosions and the revolutionary overthrow of governments, since the masses were desperate their plight.

As reflected on the events of the war in Russia

The next day, after the war was declared Serbia, Austria-Hungary began bombing Belgrade.Immediately followed by a response from the Russian government: a partial mobilization.Germany, concentrated troops on its borders, Russia has put forward the requirement for the mobilization of the termination, and being refused, declared war on Russia.As expected, after only four days, and she was joined by Austria-Hungary.

Germany then filed a claim in France and Belgium, and then made the UK.So, most of the large camp were to get involved in military action, even when the end of the first World War, the world to the former state did not return.

One of the main participants of the First World War - the Russian state.Russia's armed forces have been deployed from Iran to the Baltic and the Black Sea.Russian army for its decisive actions repeatedly saved the allies from an inevitable defeat.

state of the Russian army and navy during the First World War

Russian Navy and Army during the battles during the First World War was characterized by:

  • patriotism;
  • great skill;
  • heroism.

Having won a number of victories, the Russian army has declared itself as a serious opponent.

However, due to severe external and internal disagreements, the Russian army did not take a firm stance in dealing with military issues and reforms, with the result that the country was on the path of destruction and division.

ended with the defeat of the First World War, both Germany and its allies.Victorious powers agreed to a truce and began the post-war settlement, completing the Washington Conference of 1921-1922, which was signed by the Versailles-Washington Treaty concerning the system of the device in the world.This document was the result of deals and compromises, does not eliminate the contradictions between the strongest imperialist powers.